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VIDEO: Minorities for Medical Marijuana’s CEO and Founder Roz McCarthy spoke to the skepticism people of color have towards the cannabis industry at the CWCBExpo in New York City

Meechy Darko of the hip hop trio Flatbush Zombies was waxing the body politic with MSNBC’s Ari Melber on the latter’s eponymous, center-left punditry hour “The Beat With,” when the conversation turned to the legal cannabis trade.

“What hurts me is when I see an article like ‘Mom from Denver makes millions off her new brownie company,’” Meechy said to Melber. “I’m like, [a] dude I went to high school with is in jail… people are still in jail for some weed they sold 10 years ago…”

The full sentiment of Meechy’s words is being heard by fewer people than ever across the cannabis industry today.

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Corporate dominance of the cannabis space has resulted in the celebration of former prohibitionists while those hit hardest by the War on Drugs debate whether or not it’s worthwhile to stake a claim.

“As you know there’s always been a disparity in regards to incarceration, in regards to the War on Drugs for people of color,” Roz McCarthy, Founder, and CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana told PotNetwork News recently at the Cannabis World Congress and Exposition.

“Imagine now telling these same individuals that cannabis is now able to be utilized for your healthcare problems; imagine how skeptical you’re going to be about that.”

Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Inc. is a non-profit organization based out of Florida; a 501(c)(3) with a full executive team “committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought, experience and opportunities are valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated.” Founded in 2016, the organization has 23 state chapter locations across the U.S. and holds all sorts of advocacy, outreach, and training events to promote its mission of reform in the medical cannabis space.

McCarthy, who is also the CEO of The Genesis Group and an Advisory Board member of the CWCBExpo stressed, above all else, the need for equality of ideas in the minority community when it comes to cannabis. It’s essential for her to speak on issues that affect people of color she noted, but people of color should have the opportunity to talk about so much more.

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With the backdrop of the CWCBExpo behind her, she noted the majority of white men with keynote speaking roles at the event.

“I don’t want to be on the black panel, I don’t want to be on the diversity panel,” McCarthy told PotNetwork News. “I have a medical director who is awesome; he should be the keynote for a medical panel.”

(Video by Juan Carlos Tamayo)
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