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Midnight Snack Maker, NightFood, Looking To Acquire CBD Maker

By Rick Schettino
Nov 07, 2017

NightFood, a company that bills its snack products line as, “sleep-friendly,” is researching introducing a line of CBD-infused snacks.

CBD, a chemical compound naturally found in the cannabis plant, has long been known to promote sleep, without the psychotropic effects normally caused by marijuana.

NightFood Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NGTF) Advisory Board member and sleep expert Dr. Michael Grandner believes that CBD-infused treats aimed at nighttime snackers can be a groundbreaking market niche.

"The research on CBD and sleep is still emerging, but what is there is quite compelling," explained NightFood Scientific Advisor Dr. Michael Grandner, Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona. "I look forward to helping the Company evaluate the short and long-term effects of CBD on sleep and how those might be helpful in a night snack, and assisting in product development if and when we get to that stage."

NightFood’s strategy of selling direct to consumers seems to be working for them. The company recently announced the launch of a national TV campaign aimed at late night viewers. The initial buy of more than 10,000 spots is scheduled to air on ESPN, Lifetime, BET and Other Leading Networks.

NightFood CMO Peter Leighton commented, "Nighttime TV and late-night snacking go hand-in hand. In our marketing, we refer to regrettable night snacking on unhealthy choices and oversized servings a 'snaccident'. With this TV initiative, we think our ads will be in front of many snaccident-prone Americans at their point of peak motivation."

Leading E-commerce agency Common Thread Collective (CTC) recently launched a redesigned NightFood website, with a highly transactional focus.

"Driving TV viewers online to transact can be powerful and scalable. CTC built a website that is converting online consumers at a higher rate than we thought possible without any introductory promotions or discounts," commented NightFood CEO Sean Folkson. "If we see similar or better metrics from TV, we'll have the capability to scale even faster throughout 2018."

Folkson says of the company’s foray into CBD, "the time is now to explore this CBD opportunity. We've achieved significant traction and are developing a profitable direct-to-consumer online sales model. We're in discussions with highly regarded potential acquisition targets for a CBD product line. The timing couldn't be better as the health benefits of CBD are becoming mainstream and more socially recognized than ever."

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