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Miami Explodes With Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

By Sean McCaughan
Jul 08, 2018

With the broad legalization of medical marijuana in Florida, dispensaries are proliferating across the state. Here’s a quick guide to where you can find Miami’s medical marijuana retail dispensaries.

First, there’s Trulieve, Miami’s first retail medical marijuana dispensary, which opened near Miami International Airport in April of last year. The company, based in North Florida, had been delivering cannabis since July 2016, but finally opened up a brick-and-mortar storefront to much local media attention the following April. "We have been delivering to the Miami area since July, but we're very excited to have a brick-and-mortar storefront so patients can avoid delivery fees," Kim Rivers, a spokesperson for Trulieve, told The Miami New Times at the opening of the store.

Over on Miami Beach, Surterra was the first to open on that side of Biscayne Bay. It opened on 4/20 this year, just over a year after Miami Beach commissioners approved the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries within three zones of the city. Surterra is one of the largest chains of dispensaries in the state, with a farm in Homestead, Florida as well. At the time of opening, they had seven locations open, with two more under construction, and a total of 22 planned by the end of the year CEO Jake Bergmann told The Miami New Times.

The New Times described the store as open and inviting. “The location features an open space designed to be inviting to patients coming in to browse medicinal products, as well as a garden and a kitchen,” they wrote. “For many medical marijuana patients in Miami and Miami Beach, the opening of a dispensary a stone's throw from Lincoln Road will likely mark a major shift.”

Then there’s Curaleaf, which has opened three dispensaries across South Florida, catering to patients at 9002 Dadeland Blvd. and 19000 S.W. 192nd St. in Miami, and at 1125 N. Dixie Highway, Suite C, in Lake Worth.

When Surterra opened, it was the closest dispensary to the urban, beating out Trulieve, but since then things have changed fast.

In Wynwood, Miami’s famous mural district just north of downtown Miami, two dispensaries sit almost directly across the street from each other on North Miami Avenue. There’s Grassroots Medicine and Wellness Center, operated by NFL-linebacker-turned-radiologist Dr. Hervé Damas, and Miracle Leaf, across the street and a few blocks up. In addition to the Wynwood location, Miracle Leaf has three more scattered around South Florida.

When Grassroots announced its opening, it received a decent amount of local press.

"My place, as a wellness center, will provide cannabis evaluations, will provide mental health evaluations, nutritional counseling — we want to be a destination, not a typical doctor's office," Damas told The Miami New Times."You'll learn about alternative medicine, but we're also going to have a spiritual component to it."

"For lack of a better word," he says, "it's a really 'Kumbaya' place because that's where I am in my life."

Grassroots was supposed to be the first medical marijuana clinic to open in the neighborhood, with an originally-planned opening date of May 1, but Miracle Leaf beat them to it. They have just recently put up signs outside. And now Miracle Leaf has a location on Alton Road in Miami Beach too.

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