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Marijuana Stock Special Report: Marijuana News Weekly Investor Roundup (July 14th)

A PotNetwork Special Report

This article originally appeared on Grizzle, which PotNetwork is thrilled to be partnering with to bring you occasional features highlighting everything you need to know in the marijuana stock market. Scott Willis is the co-founder and head of research at Grizzle. Grizzle provides critical money analysis and insights for topics that matter to millennials. For more in-depth analysis of marijuana, crypto, and investing, check out grizzle.com.

Cannabis For Dogs - The Pet Food Market Explored

The image of the stoned family pet has long been the butt of many a joke, but with the explosive growth in the pet medication market, no one on the business side of cannabis is laughing anymore. We take a preliminary look at the size and growth of the pet medicine market to help companies, consumers and investors assess its potential.

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Canopy Growth Buys The Most Expensive Coffee Machine In Canada

Canopy Growth announced a plan to acquire cannabis lifestyle company and future cannabis retailer Hiku Brands for $250 million. This purchase by Canopy may serve as the best example yet of the cannabis industry’s all-consuming desire to diversify at any cost.

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B.C. Signs Retail Agreements With Thirty-One Growers

B.C. will accept retail applications this summer but does not plan to sign supply deals with any more licensed producers until after the October 17th legalization date. The province will be the sole wholesale supplier and buyer which means all of the retail stores will be forced to buy their product and growers are forced to sell only to the government. Pricing has not been publicly released.

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Institutional Investors Just Starting To Buy Into Weed Stocks

According to Bloomberg data, less than 6% of shares in Cannabis stocks are held by institutional investors. Hedge funds are starting to dip their toes in, but there is a significant pent-up demand from institutions that will start to flow with legalization in Canada. The floodgates will truly open once marijuana is legalized in the US, a possibility in the next three years in Grizzle's view.

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The Netherlands Launches Growing License Pilot Test 

The government in the Netherlands is allowing ten municipalities to grow marijuana legally as part of a four-year pilot test. Currently, retail marijuana sales are legal but wholesale cultivation and sales are not.

The Netherlands will likely become another competitor to Canada eventually, but four years gives the Canadian market a strong head start as they build brand recognition in Europe.

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An Italian Company Planted Over 1 Million Sq. Ft. of Low THC Cannabis

XHemplar Italia, a joint venture of Canadian producer CROP Infrastructure Corp is growing CBD hemp outdoors which will then be used in assorted therapeutic and cosmetic product lines.

If you read about hemp production deals, ignore them as they are a totally separate product from the high THC cannabis being legalized in Canada. Growing hemp will become a low margin business even faster than high THC recreational cannabis in Grizzle's opinion due to the prevalence of outdoor growing and lack of differentiation at the beginning of the supply chain. Low THC hemp is largely used as a raw material in higher value products.

Source: World Atlas

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Marijuana Stock Performance For The Week

Marijuana stocks sold off this week down three percent as a group. Canadian stocks were off six percent, but large-cap names outperformed smaller companies as has been the case throughout 2018.

Even with all of the positive momentum on legalization, the stocks are down 3% since the recent bottom in April. Retail investors are still waiting for a rebound in stocks leading up to legalization which could happen for a few weeks just before the October 17th legalization date, but it's looking like this is going to be a long summer of lackluster performance.

Source: New Cannabis Ventures

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