Lawmakers in Florida look to cap THC levels for medical cannabis patients; open up insurance coverage options

Patients can now smoke medical cannabis in Florida. This is great news for patients, but if some Republicans in the state legislature have their way, the potency of these products won’t be that strong.

According to a recent report in the Orlando Sentinal, representatives are looking to limit THC levels in medical cannabis products in the Sunshine State.

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In an interview with The News Service of Florida, Republican Rep. Ray Rodrigues was quoted as saying that he wants THC levels to top out at around 10 percent, although nothing official has been proposed as of yet.

“But it’s something we still think is important,” Rodrigues said, according to the Orlando Sentinal. “We think there should be caps on THC.”

Opponents call the plan another ploy by Republicans to stand in the way of the will of the people, according to the Orlando Sentinal. And many were hoping to not have to go to battle again so soon. Patient advocates are still wary after the fight over smokeable cannabis—that one ended recently when Gov. Ron DeSantis stood his ground, forcing a change in the law.

Still, advocates in Florida are ready to continue to stand up for what they believe is right.

“It’s absolutely insane that after finally relenting on their jihad against sick people smoking marijuana, that the House would deem it appropriate to wage another unconstitutional war against the will of the 71 percent of Floridians who approved medical marijuana. These proposed caps are arbitrary, unnecessary, and will hurt Florida patients if enacted,” Ben Pollara, the campaign manager of the political committee behind the amendment, told the Orlando Sentinal.

Medical Marijuana Insurance Coverage Coming to Florida?

Meanwhile, according to one report in the Tallahassee Democrat, Florida lawmakers are trying to push forward with efforts to allow for insurance coverage for medical marijuana treatments.

“Our constitution recognizes that marijuana is medicine, and if it is in our constitution, then companies that provide health insurance to Florida patients should be covering it,” Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried told the Democrat in a recent interview.

Around 212,000 people are on the state’s medical marijuana registry, according to the Democrat—the population of a small city. Right now insurers are staying out of the cannabis industry because of federal regulations put forth by the IRS and the FDA.

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A few lawmakers in Florida have been pushing for something like this since the beginning. According to the Democrat, State Sen. Jeff Brandes agrees with Nikki Fried on the need for health coverage, having been an advocate since the law first passed.

“The state should allow it to be covered by insurance,” Brandes told the Democrat.

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