The Latest Celebrities to Get in Trouble for Pot

Apr 20, 2018

Celebrities, or at least people in the public eye, don’t get in trouble for marijuana use or possession as much as they used to. Sometimes, however, they still do, especially if they already have rap sheets. In the last few weeks, there have been at least three notable names who encountered the long arm of the law.

In all three cases, those involved had already gotten caught up with the law

Migos Had a Whopping 420 Grams of Marijuana

A few weeks ago the rap group Migos was performing in Boone, North Carolina. Marijuana is still completely illegal in the state, except medically for a few very specific medical conditions. Apparently, nobody told Migos that, however, because the group rolled up to one of their concerts with a whopping 420 grams of marijuana, and 26 ounces of Codeine and Xanax stashed in their tour bus.

Although none of the band members were charged, three of their friends did get in trouble. After the concert, security guards at the Holmes Convention Center smelled the stash and notified police. The police waited until the band departed to pull them all over in the bus on a nearby highway. According to USA Today:

Following the search, one person was taken into police custody and two were issued citations.

Jharon Ahmad Murphy, 26 of Snellville, Georgia, was charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell or deliver, as well as misdemeanor possession of codeine. Daryl Irvon McPherson, 25, of Cleveland, Ohio was cited for simple possession of marijuana and codeine, and 26-year-old Dominic Kevin Spigner of Smyrna, Georgia, was cited for misdemeanor possession of Xanax.

None of the band members were charged but, as High Times points out, it is possible the other three chose or were chosen to take the fall.

Although none of the actual members of Migos—Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, were charged with the crime, they undoubtedly played a large role in the ordeal. If anything, it’s totally possible the three men charged acted as ‘fall guys’ in order to keep the band members out of trouble, especially considering their past history.

Migos members have previously been in trouble with the law. In 2015, Quavo and Offset were arrested after a concert for possession of Oxycontin and Codeine. They were also carrying a loaded gun in a school zone. Then in February 2017, the gang was involved in a brawl with singer Sean Kingston at a Las Vegas event, although none of the band members were charged in that instance.

Florida State University Quarterback Avoids the Clink

A few months ago an anonymous tipster told police that Deondre Francois, Florida State University’s quarterback, was dealing marijuana out of a brown bag in his apartment. After raiding his garbage four times and finding evidence of marijuana possession, including residue in plastic baggies and ‘dutch guts’—the tobacco emptied out of a Dutch cigar when using it to roll a joint. Police raided the apartment and found 17 grams of marijuana, among other paraphernalia.

Unable to prove Francoise was selling, the Tallahassee police offered him a pretrial diversion program. He’s also staying on the football team, the Seminoles. According to the Orlando Sentinel:

In the diversion program, Francois will be required to do community service and avoid any criminal activity for a period of anywhere from three months to a year. He must also pay a cost of $100 for prosecution to the state attorney’s office. He could also be asked to participate in a substance abuse program.

[Florida State Coach] Taggart hopes Francois, who continues to recover from a torn patellar tendon of his left knee, can make better decisions while preparing to compete for FSU’s starting quarterback job next season.

"He's got to be smart about who he's around and what he's around, and make good decisions," Taggart said. "I advise him to just make sure he's around his teammates all the time.”

Francois was previously the subject of a domestic battery report by his girlfriend. The woman, Diamond Lindsey, is pregnant with their child. After an investigation, cops sided with Francois on the incident. The couple is still together.

Kodak Black Gets Jail Time… Again

Hip-hop musician Kodak Black has been in and out of jail a few times. 2016 was not his year, but it looks like 2018 is going to be pretty tough too. According to High Times:

In May 2016, Kodak was arrested for possession of a firearm by a delinquent, armed robbery, false imprisonment and attempting to elude law enforcement.

Then, in October, he was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct after the rapper allegedly assaulted a teenage fan after a concert. He was released from jail back in December and placed on probation, which he eventually broke in the January mishap.

That January mishap was an arrest on the 18th of the month for an Instagram live video that obviously violated his probation:

[T]he rapper was caught on Instagram live flaunting and brandishing firearms and smoking weed with several other people, in front of an infant.

Police stormed Black’s home and found  95 grams of pot in the rapper’s abode.

As High Times reports, although Black was originally facing 12 years of jail time, his eventual conviction of a year (minus 90 days he has already served) was a significant win for his defense team. Most of the slew of charges he was facing (including child endangerment and two charges of possession of weapons or ammo by a Florida delinquent adult felon) were dropped, and he could get out as early as October on good behavior.

He ended up pleading not guilty to possession of marijuana, and possession of ammunition, and plead guilty to driving on a suspended license, and “associating with people committing crimes,” both of which are probation violations.

In prison, the musician is apparently on his best behavior and going for his GED now that he’s out of solitary confinement.

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