Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Opens Drive-Through Window

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace near Downtown Las Vegas opened a drive-through window on Friday, prompting the 'Las Vegas Review-Journal' to proclaim "getting weed is now as easy as getting a cheeseburger and fries." The 16,000 square foot marijuana dispensary opened in October but took only about a month to add the drive-through. The window was added in response to customer demand, said Kevin Clock, a representative of the tribal investing partner Cascade Strategic Investments. "The customers were asking for it," Clock said.

The business is on Paiute Tribal lands, and Clock expects it to be a financial boon to the Paiute Tribe due to its proximity to Downtown Las Vegas and famous Freemont Street. “The money stays here. It stays in the community, all of the profit,” he said. “It’s something I think the community should be very proud of.” Of the approximately 105 people the store employs, about ten percent are Paiute tribe members or their families.

The store hopes to make the drive-through a speedy and convenient way for people to pick up their recreational marijuana, even despite local rules that make selling the stuff at least slightly harder than selling a Big Mac and fries. The store only sells a limited selection at the drive-through, unless you place your order online ahead of time, and is required to ID everyone in a vehicle to make sure they're of age. The whole experience actually sounds a lot like taking a turn through one of Vegas's famous drive-through wedding chapels.



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