It's High Times in Aspen, Which Has A Whopping Seven Dispensaries in a Four Block Span

Jan 25, 2018

It's often said that the well-heeled snow bunnies of world-famous Aspen are rolling in the green, i.e. money, but these day's they're almost as likely to be rolling the green, i.e. cannabis, or consuming it in any other way. The town of Aspen has seven dispensaries within 4 blocks of each other, a higher concentration than any other town in the state, even Denver, although in total Denver does have significantly more spread out over a much wider distance. These seven dispensaries are all in the heart of the town proper, and another two are in the neighboring Basalt, Colorado, according to Leafly's dispensary directory. 

Aspen being Aspen, plenty of these dispensaries are very, very high end too, including Silverpeak Apothecary, which will serve you your bud on a silver platter. With destinations like this in such convenient proxemity, Aspen could be the best place in the country to go pot shop hopping. If you chose to take it with you on the slopes though (PotNet does not endorse or encourage imbibing while hurtling down a mountain) just be careful. Besides being baked enough to slalom into a tree, you could also get arrested. Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado and the Town of Aspen, but Aspen Mountain itself is within Federally owned lands—the White River National Forest—where marijuana is still quite illegal. That's why we hear vapes and edibles are particularly popular on the slopes, but you didn't hear that from us.

Photo of Silverpeak Apothecary, in Downtown Aspen, via Architizer/TANAGRAM Design.

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