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Invictus Introduces First Zero-Cleaning Universal Vaporizer

By Sean McCaughan
May 17, 2018

Invictus MD Strategies Corp (TSXV:GENE) (OTC:IVITF) has introduced a universal vaporizer, capable of vaping any vapable substance and requiring zero cleaning, called Poda. The innovative vape will be released this summer.

Most vapes are specialized to the kind of vaporizable substance for which they are usable. Cannabis vapes can only vaporize cannabis. CBD vapes can only vaporize CBD. Tobacco vapes can only vaporize tobacco. Invictus says the technology inside Poda not only requires no cleaning but makes all vaporizable substances easily consumed within the same vape system.

"The vaporizer market today is saturated with devices that generally do the same thing — they vaporize cannabis or tobacco, and each device is meant for different substances. But the Poda truly is the next generation of vaporizers, the first with zero-cleaning and also the ability to be used for multiple purposes," said Invictus Founder and CEO Dan Kriznic. "We are thrilled to be able to offer our proprietary Poda pods as a completely biodegradable product. Additionally, the upcoming smartphone-enabled devices can automatically set precise temperature profiles for each pod, delivering a safe and effective vaporizing experience."

Poda uses proprietary pre-filled pods which are available in biodegradable options, which the company says will be economically priced, although exact prices weren’t listed in a recent statement.

Poda will introduce a number of vaporizer models at various price points. Some of the devices will also have the ability to connect to a user’s smartphone wirelessly, via Bluetooth, “providing granular control of temperature and a wealth of pod-specific information,” the company noted in a statement. Smart Poda devices will be able to detect the substance and pick the ideal vaporizable temperature. The smartphone-based Bluetooth Podas are set to be released later in the year after the initial Poda devices enter the market.

"Poda pods are the cigarettes (or joints) of the future," said CEO Dan Kriznic. "We envision a world where consumers can choose Poda pods in a wide range of substances from a variety of quality brands. From vaping a coffee pod in the morning, a tobacco pod in the afternoon, to a cannabis pod in the evening, the Poda system is truly plug-and-play — just pop a pod into the device and start vaporizing. When the pod is finished, another one can be immediately loaded into the device without any cleaning or prep needed."

Invictus says Poda devices were developed by a team which for over a decade has been designing innovative products for the smoking industry.

"As we have found in so many entrepreneurial pursuits, the team is of the utmost importance. And the Poda team is achieving remarkable results at a high level," said Kriznic. "This is a revolutionary vaporizer, one that will transform both the consumer experience and the commercial landscape. We are thrilled to be able to offer this technology, one equally suited for medical patients who seek medical-grade design as well as recreational consumers tired of cleaning vaporizers, and wishing one device could be used for multiple purposes. This is a vaporizer for all of us."

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