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Indiana Fights For Its CBD

By Rick Schettino
Nov 28, 2017

The state of Indiana has cracked down hard on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. Police have been raiding stores that sell CBD, the state attorney general has handed down an opinion declaring it illegal, and Gov. Eric Holcomb has given stores 60 days to get CBD off their shelves.

But the state legislature might decide otherwise. An Indiana representative has introduced legislation to legalize CBD, according to WANE, as part of a larger Indiana medical marijuana bill.

“We have a substance in CBD oil that we know is considerably less toxic to their bodies, significantly less side-effects, and it works,” said Indiana state rep. Jim Lucas, who has introduced legislation to legalize CBD.

“The proof is irrefutable,” Rep. continued. “I’ve seen too much scientific evidence. I’ve toured the facilities in our neighbouring state of Illinois. The state-approved cultivation labs. The state-approved dispensaries.”

CBD is legal in Indiana, but only for the treatment of epilepsy. Attorney general Curtis Hill insist that legislation “does not provide a blanket immunity for anyone possessing CBD oil. Not at all, by any stretch.”

But Rep. Lucas, who authored the original legislation, disagrees. “We wrote the law, and my intent on the law was to make a substance that had less than 3/10th’s percent THC available to the public,” Lucas said.

Lucas’ additional medical marijuana legislation would legalize edibles, vaporizers, and balms. That bill will be introduced to the legislature in early January.

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