How To Lose Weight While Smoking Weed

Losing weight is a pain in the neck, especially when all that cannabis you smoke gives you the munchies. Two elements of the cannabis plant, however, have shown promising results as weight loss aids. The first, a cannabinoid, is a milder cousin of THC and the second is a terpene.

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cousin of that more famous compound, THC. It has a mellower high, but more significantly, it blocks THC and therefore does not give you the munchies. It does this by being an antagonist of certain receptors. It also limits the feel-good sensation you receive from consuming food, which is precisely the opposite of regular ol’ THC. However, to obtain this benefit, you have to steer yourself toward specific strains, because most have deficient levels of THCV. According to the Daily Marijuana Observer:

“Steer your search towards African Sativas, which have the highest potency of THCV. In particular, Doug’s Varin, Pineapple Purps, and Durban Poison have a higher concentration of THCV.”

Then there’s humulene, a terpene that also purportedly helps to control weight. Also found in hops, it allegedly works similarly to THCV. To obtain your daily dose of humulene, the DMO suggests:

“Common strains high in humulene include Greenhouse Cheese, The Church, and Super Lemon Haze.”

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