GrowLife launches new subscription service placing cannabis clones into the hands of commercial growers

Apr 3, 2019

As the old saying goes, there is more than one way to grow cannabis. In today’s freshly legalized markets, the modern commercial grower is starting to rely on clones more than seeds to meet the increasing demands of today’s cannabis clientele.

Clones, by definition, are clippings taken from a mother plant. They already have their own root systems and, unlike seeds, growers can guarantee that the gender of their plants is female. Gender aside, clones can also guarantee the health of the plant.

For commercial cannabis growers, healthy plants are key. And all clones share a consistency with the mother plant. So when the mother plant possesses immunities or defenses against certain pests or molds, so will the clones. Commercial growers are then able to grow healthier plants faster than they would with seeds.

What does the market look like for cannabis clones?

Finding reputable clones can be tricky. As the cannabis market expands at an almost exponential rate, the breeding ground for untrustworthy growers and suppliers often goes unchecked.

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Newcomers to the market may not know what to look for when it comes to spotting diseases, mites, or harmful pesticides. Many more could be well into their propagation cycle before they realize anything is amiss. This can cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars in lost time, labor, and ultimately product.

Despite these risks, the demand for cannabis clones is there. Alliance Growers Corp. (CSE.ACG) announced late last December that the demand for clones could increase by 200 million over the next two years. When combined with the fact that cannabis spending is projected to reach over $63 billion by 2024, being a trustworthy supplier of cannabis clones could prove to be a very lucrative undertaking.

Who is in the market for cannabis clones?

GrowLife Inc. (OTC.PHOT), an indoor cultivation and service provider with retail locations in California, Maine, and Alberta, Canada, is taking on that challenge. The company recently announced a new cannabis clone subscription service to help new and existing commercial grows find healthy clones. Similar to services like Ipsy or Hello Fresh, GrowLife’s subscription service provides commercial cultivators with a monthly supply of everything needed to start propagating right away.

“Propagation is very important, with healthy plants being the first step,” Joe Barnes, GrowLife’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, told PotNetwork over the phone on Tuesday.

Teaming up with their partner EZ-Clone Enterprises, GrowLife’s service works through an e-logistics platform where growers can sign up and subscribe for two different tiers of cloning supplies and equipment. Both monthly services will then ship all of the nutrients and collars needed to produce two cycles of cannabis clones every four weeks. This can save commercial growers thousands in maintenance and supply costs.

GrowLife also offers commercial grow consultations to help new and existing cultivators design and build their grow operations. They began offering this service prior to launching their new subscription service,

“It’s such a wide open market, and the science behind it, the technology behind it, the universities are still working on it, but it just hasn’t caught up yet,” Barnes explained. “I see states like Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina that are all reaching out. They will start growing this summer, and they aren’t prepared.”

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Noting this need for not only education but also access to healthy cannabis clones, inspired the cultivation company to offer their expertise in a neat little subscription service. More importantly, it is one commercial growers can trust to deliver healthy, scalable product.

“One guy who was growing 1000 plants last year is now growing 300,000 plants. So we are working with our customers to insure that they have the right SOPs for success,” Barnes continued.

While the standard operating procedure for cannabis cultivation may continue to evolve with the market changes over the next couple of years, reliable sources for cannabis clones will never be taken for granted. Being able to subscribe to services like GrowLife’s Commercial Pro or EZ-Clone 128 can ease the stress of commercial growing and help these modern cultivators focus on what is really important in this industry: healthy plants and nontoxic cannabis products.

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