Green Gorilla and Pure Grow Soil Announce Joint Soil Product

Nov 20, 2017

Cannabis balm and oil manufacturer Green Gorilla was happy to get dirty at this year’s MJBizCon. They signed a strategic alliance deal with soil producer Pure Grow Soil to produce and market a specialized cannabis growing soil to be called Green Gorilla’s Master Grower.

Green Gorilla’s Master Grower is expected to be on sale through retailers nationwide in early 2018, and online at Green Gorilla, which also has CBD pet and horse products, will focus the soil’s launch in the California market.

“It is critical that the soil for cannabis is designed knowing the plant knows when, what, and how much it wants to eat,” Green Gorilla chief agricultural scientist Av Singh, Ph.D., said in a release. “Master Grower soil uses simple organic ingredients with microbial biodiversity to deliver a robust and potent cannabinoid and terpene profile.”

Both companies will use their marketing and distribution arms to promote and sell Green Gorilla’s Master Grower.

“Our company has taken great care to provide the finest soil possible for cannabis growing,” Pure Grow Soil founder Kemper Burt said in the release. “Quality is one of Green Gorilla’s cornerstones and we feel their Master Grower brand is a perfect match for everything our company represents.”

Green Gorilla is based in Los Angeles and is best known for its Hemp & Olive CBD balms, oils, and pet care products.

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