Golden Leaf Holdings Announces Four New Golden Edible Flavors

Mar 10, 2018

Golden Leaf Holdings (CSE:GLH) (OTCQB:GLDFF) just got a little bit sweeter. The cannabis oil solutions company announced the release of four brand new flavored edibles to their Golden line of products. The new edibles will be sold from their wholesale facility and in each of their Chalice Farms dispensaries across Portland, Oregon.

As announced in today’s press release, the infused fruit chews come with vitamins and varying wellness ingredients that improve mood and boost the immune system. This includes the antioxidant powers of maca root and goji berries. Each of the four new flavors – which are tropical fruit, tangerine, kiwi strawberry, and acai berry – come with a unique combination of real fruit, a restorative wellbeing booster, and Golden Leaf’s premium cannabis oil.

Recognizing a need for healthier cannabis-infused snacks prompted Golden Leaf to bring more variety to their line of edibles. William Simpson, CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings, shared why his company wants to make a more nutritious munchie.

“As the cannabis marketplace continues to grow and the population of cannabis consumers continues to expand, we see an opportunity to engage and connect with our customers who prefer to consume cannabis through non-smoking methods,” Simpson stated in the press release. “Creating quality products that include natural ingredients… shows that we can recognize market trends and offer consumers a variety of options when they walk through our doors.”

Along with healthier ingredients, cannabis users are also seeking smaller portions when it comes to their edibles. In an interview with Global News, Linda Gilbert of BDS Analytics stated that their analysis found consumers looking for a “more portioned experience”. State-by-state regulations already control the serving sizes of infused edibles, with states like Colorado and California maintaining a strict 100mg/package rule. In Oregon, serving sizes are limited to 5mg each, and each of Golden Leaf’s new edibles fit in with that requirement. By controlling the serving size, cannabis oil and edible companies can reach a wider market of patients who are non-smokers or who have otherwise never used cannabis.  

Earlier this year, Green State tapped cannabis to be one of the biggest food market trends to watch this year. Increased access to cannabis oils, especially cannabidiol or CBD, puts more edibles in the hands of cannabis users in states where marijuana use is legal. In California alone, edibles and marijuana-infused beverages contributed $180 million to the state’s cannabis industry in 2016, accounting for 10 percent of overall cannabis sales.

It’s too early to tell whether or not the new Golden edible flavors will bring the same kind of profits to Oregon, but Golden Leaf Holdings is not holding back. As the marketplace grows, Golden Leaf aims to meet cannabis users’ expectations for health and wellness.





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