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Girl Scouts Are Now Officially Allowed to Sell Cookies Outside Dispensaries in Colorado

By Sean McCaughan
Feb 22, 2018

Many local Girl Scouts chapters officially prohibit its scouts from selling marijuana outside adult-oriented businesses, such as casinos, liquor stores, and marijuana dispensaries, a rule which was flouted when one girl and her mother recently sold hundreds of boxes of cookies outside a dispensary.

That girl, in California, is currently being investigated by the Girl Scouts of San Diego after gaining significant news coverage. Apparently, however, if she had been in Colorado, everything would have been fine. The Girl Scouts of Colorado have officially relaxed their policy on where their scouts are allowed to sell those eternally popular treats, according to a spokesperson who spoke with the Denver Post, multiple sites, including The Cannabist and Mashable have reported. According to the Denver Post spokesperson, AnneMarie Harper, said:

“(Potential cookie sales) sites are now all treated the same, and approval of those sites is contingent on whether they meet our guidelines and safety requirements,” she said. “Safety is the biggest concern.”

The Girl Scouts of America typically leave rules as to where sales are allowed to state and local level organizations. The Girl Scouts are also modernizing their sales philosophy in other ways. They launched a new 'Cookie Finder' app, reported the Denver Post, and they're giving their young salespeople the ability to launch web pages to sell their products.

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