Following Canada, Detroit is about to run out of legal weed too

In the wake of the legalization of recreational marijuana in the November election in Michigan, the state is expected to implement things quickly. In fact, the Detroit Free Press reports that legalization is poised to take effect on December 6. Sales won’t begin that soon, but dispensaries in Detroit are already predicting a widespread supply shortage due to regulations currently in place as to where stores can buy their bud.

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“Michigan passed medical marijuana for a reason, and there shouldn’t be any reason why there is a lack of supply,” Rush Hasan, the operation and business development director at Reef Dispensary in Detroit, told WXYZ Detroit.

Right now, there’s enough pot to stock his shelves at his and other dispensaries, but that could soon change.

“If the state continues on with the regulations that licensed dispensaries can only buy from licensed growers, there will not be enough supply for the 300,000 patients that Michigan currently has,” said Hasan in the interview.

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Although Hasan intends to make his patients the main priority as much as possible, he said, it all comes down to supply and demand. Unfortunately, if he sells out too soon after legal sales begin, he’ll face the same extended restocking times that are plaguing licensed marijuana retailers across Canada right now.

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