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The end of the CBD cocktail craze in Los Angeles

Nov 18, 2018

The CBD-infused cocktail craze was huge in Los Angeles until very recently, reported Eater. Big changes began when the L.A. Department of Health took a strong anti-cannabis stance in July. It was exacerbated in September when the California State government made the combination of any kind of cannabis and alcohol illegal, forcing the remainder of restaurants serving up the popular combo to quickly pull CBD from their menus.


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Almost every bar and restaurant —except for two, according to Eater — eliminated CBD from their menus immediately even though the new law doesn’t take effect until January 2019. Until then, establishments must adhere to very strict rules, and vehement education and enforcement by the Health Department, or risk losing their liquor license.

Once the law goes into effect, the Health Department will start deducting points from the overall inspection grade.


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