Elon Musk smokes weed and all hell breaks loose

Elon Musk is in trouble again. After being caught up an SEC investigation after Tweeting that he wanted to take his company Tesla private again for $420 a share, and claiming that that number had nothing to do with weed, he’s been caught smoking weed on a well-known podcast.

A week ago, Elon Musk, the tech mogul and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, partook in a cannabis blunt on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast while it was live streamed on YouTube, giving viewers a front-row seat to him smoking weed.

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About two hours into the show, Rogan pulled out a blunt, explained it was “marijuana inside of tobacco,” and offered Musk a hit. Claiming “I think I tried it once,” Musk then took one long hit and then admitted to not using marijuana very much, but not being against it.

Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 7, 2018


“I know a lot of people like weed and that’s fine,” said Musk, “but I don’t think it’s very good for productivity.”

Although it may not have occurred to Musk at the time, the consequences of his consumption, captured on video, were fast and furious.

Immediately Tesla stock dropped nine percent and two high profile Tesla executives abruptly quit. News broke that the Air Force was looking into Musk’s cannabis use. Although not a formal investigation, they are allegedly considering what to do, a move which puts Musk’s government security clearance at risk.

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Investor support is confirmed. Only reason why this is not certain is that it’s contingent on a shareholder vote. https://t.co/bIH4Td5fED

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 7, 2018


SpaceX provides satellite launching services to the government, which is the reason Musk was issued governmental security clearance. Because of the Federal illegality of cannabis, its consumption is still strictly prohibited for those with security clearances. It’s unclear whether the Air Force will formally launch an investigation, if the government will reprimand Musk, or if SpaceX’s government contracts are in jeopardy. What is clear, however, is that was the blunt hit heard ‘round the world.


*Photo via Joe Rogan Podcast

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