Denver launches new series of public service announcements to deter teen pot use

Using the same survey data, from a federal survey on national marijuana use and health, some news reports have suggested that Colorado is a national leader in teen marijuana use since marijuana legalization in that state, while others say that even though this is the case, teen marijuana use has dropped since legalization, making the situation sound better or worse depending on the news outlet. Although cannabis is perfectly legal for those over 21, it still carries some very serious negative consequences for those under 21.

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The City of Denver, however, is taking the opportunity to educate kids on the dangers of getting in trouble with marijuana through its ‘High Costs’ public service announcement education campaign, through a series of short television spots. They include messages on how pot can be an expensive activity, make people forgetful, and can decrease motivation.

“Our High Costs campaign is designed to help Denver’s youth understand the legal, educational, health and social risks that come from using marijuana underage,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement. “Conversations about marijuana happen everywhere, and our goal is to provide facts that are not only accurate about the risks and realities of marijuana use, but that resonate with youth across Denver.”

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Check them out, and make up your mind, below:



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