Dan Bilzerian, the controversial international playboy, wants you to buy his CBD toothpicks

Ignite, the lifestyle cannabis brand founded by controversial international playboy Dan Bilzerian is launching a line of CBD-infused toothpicks, which may be the first CBD-infused toothpicks available on the market. The company appears to be emphasizing the purported “trendy” aspect of toothpicks, claiming they imbue the user with a certain “edgy” attitude and “swagger,” although many people associate toothpicks with those little things your dad picks his teeth with when he’s relaxing after enjoying his early bird special.

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The company claims that each toothpick can deliver up to 100 percent of the active ingredient, with each toothpick infused with 55 mg of CBD. The toothpick allows for sublingual delivery, which means the CBD will directly access the blood vessels underneath the tongue.

"We are very excited to add CBD-infused toothpicks to Ignite's national offering," said Jim McCormick, Ignite's President, in a press release. "These toothpicks are an entirely new, highly effective way to consume CBD and add an element of 'swagger' to those who use them, which is perfect for our brand and its fans."

The CBD-infused toothpicks come in lemon-lime, orange buzz, tropical mint, cinnamint, and caramel apple flavors. All are sugar-free, zero calorie, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

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The press release points out that celebrities Cara Delevingne, Conor Mcgregor, Tom Hardy, and Diddy have been seen using toothpicks, just like normal people use them too, so maybe they’re onto something? The toothpicks are now available for purchase at Ignite’s website.

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