CBD Potentiators - 5 Foods That Elevate the Effects of CBD

Dec 24, 2020

A large number of people using CBD take herbal medicine as maintenance for a variety of conditions. Fortunately, CBD isn’t habit-forming, and neither do people develop a tolerance to the natural remedy. But even then, there are people who watch their doses and stick to lower concentrations because of unwanted reactions.

People who are particularly sensitive might feel the side effects of CBD to a much higher degree. That means they might experience more pronounced dry mouth, drowsiness, and dizziness, among other things. And that means they might have to tone down their dosage. The trade-off, of course, is milder benefits. Good thing there are known CBD potentiators.

What is a Potentiator?

In scientific terms, a potentiator is a reagent that enhances the sensitization of an antigen. And while that might sound like a lot to digest, it’s really just a substance (like food) that makes reactions more profound or exaggerated. That is, when these potentiators are taken together with CBD, they make the effects of CBD much stronger.

Not everything is a potentiator. For CBD, there are only a few substances, extracts, and foods that are known to heighten the effects of herbal medicine. And for people who are too sensitive to the chemistry of CBD, these potentiators can help achieve more potent benefits without inducing the unpleasant effects of higher doses.

6 CBD Potentiators Worth Trying

1. Other Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Interestingly enough, the best potentiator for CBD can be found in the hemp plant itself. There’s an overwhelming number of studies claiming that CBD works best when it isn’t isolated from the rest of the compounds in the hemp plant.

This whole plant chemistry encourages what’s called the ‘Entourage Effect’. That is when CBD is taken with all its other cannabinoid buddies and the terpenes in the hemp plant, it becomes far more potent. That’s why most experts and CBD users will tell you that full spectrum oils provide stronger effects per dose versus broad spectrums and isolates.

2. Lavender Tea

CBD Potentiators - 5 Foods That Elevate the Effects of CBD

If you’re hoping to emphasize the soothing benefits of CBD, then lavender tea might be a good place to start. The lavender herb contains linalool, a terpene that’s found in the hemp plant. By taking lavender tea with a dose of CBD, you should be able to bump up the terpene profile and elevate the extract’s effects.

To enjoy lavender tea with CBD, just take your usual oil or gel cap dose and down it with some steeped tea. Other users enjoy taking the tea with CBD gummies as a light, sweet afternoon snack. Effects tend to lean more towards the soothing side, with many of those who have tried the combination claiming that lavender tea and CBD produce more of a body melt.

3. Citrus

Industrial hemp farms says that you can take a whiff of any raw hemp flower, and you’re likely to notice hints of lemon in the fragrance mix. That’s because of the presence of limonene, another prominent terpene in the hemp plant. Needless to say, taking food that’s rich in limonene can help heighten the benefits of the oil.

While most citrus fruits should work, there are some experts that warn against using grapefruit as a potentiator. Grapefruit is known to react negatively with lots of substances and medications, and it’s not entirely clear just yet how it might interact with CBD or with other foods and substances in your system. So just to be on the safe side, stick to other citrus fruits.

4. Green Tea

Green tea on its own can be especially soothing and calming and is known to provide a range of benefits including cleansing the body of toxins, reducing the risk of cancer, and improving heart health, among many other things.

When used with CBD oil, green tea works hand in hand with phytol, which naturally occurs as the result of chlorophyll metabolism in plants. But keep in mind that not all hemp strains will react with green tea to the same degree. For the most part, CBD oil that’s extracted from OG Kush is most sensitive to green tea.

5. Chamomile

CBD Potentiators - 5 Foods That Elevate the Effects of CBD

Last but definitely not least on our list is chamomile. When taken alone, chamomile tea provides a wealth of benefits including relaxation and calm. In many ways, it works similarly to lavender however it brings different terpenes and compounds to the mix.

Alpha-Bisabolol is found abundantly in CBD products, mainly in topicals like healing salves and lotions. This is what gives the hemp extract that distinct earthy, woody aroma. When CBD is taken together with chamomile tea - which also contains high concentrations of Alpha-Bisabolol - the substances work together to amplify the soothing, sedating effects of the extract.

6. Hops Tea

Hops are a powerful antioxidant, used typically as an alternative medicine for all sorts of conditions. They’re antiviral and antimicrobial and have also been found to possess anti-carcinogenic properties.

You’ll notice that there are some strains of hemp that are particularly ‘hoppy’ in aroma. While hops tea will work to elevate the effects of any CBD oil, extracts taken from CBD flower varieties that smell more like hops are likely to produce even more pronounced effects when taken with the tea.

Are CBD Potentiators Dangerous?

While some people tend to think that CBD potentiators can be dangerous in that they exaggerate the effects of the herb, the purpose of taking these substances actually works to reduce the risks. Some people are naturally more sensitive to CBD, experiencing pronounced side effects even with the appropriate dose.

By using a potentiator, users can reduce the amount of CBD they take without dampening the benefits they experience. The result is reduced side effects, reduce dosages, and yet potent results that bring the extract’s full power.

Over to You

If you’re particularly sensitive to CBD, then it might be time to take a different course of action. A potentiator can help you enjoy the benefits of the extract without having to experience the side effects. So before you take that next dose, drop by your local grocery store and pick up a potentiator. Not only should you be able to elevate the effects of the experience, but you might get your CBD oil to last much longer.

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