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CBD Oil helps Diamond CBD steal the show at ASD Market Week

Aug 27, 2018

CBD oil was on showcase last month in Las Vegas at the ASD Market Week B2B trade show, with the industry’s premier retailer of hemp oil CBD products, Diamond CBD taking center stage. The company, which focuses on the research, development, and multinational marketing of several distinct and popular lines of CBD oil products, including Chong’s Choice CBD Oil, Liquid Gold CBD Vape Oil, and Chill Gummies grabbed headlines, gaining nearly 400 new orders in just three days.

The show came on the heels of Diamond CBD’s recent success at the 38th Las Vegas CHAMPS Show, where the company brought in almost $300,000 in sales. At CHAMPS, an international counter-culture exhibition, Diamond CBD put on full display their updated product offerings, some of which are customer favorites such as  Vape Additives, Diamond CBD Tinctures, and Biotech Creams.


The most comprehensive B2B trade show

ASD Market Week, which stands for Affordable Shopping Destination, is considered the wholesale buying event for small to large sized retail, distribution, or importing businesses. Held twice per year in Las Vegas, the show attracts nearly 45,000 buyers from over 90 countries each year. For retailers, the show is a regular cornucopia of goods and merchandise from every walk of life; all come together in one unique buying experience.

According to statistics provided by the show’s producers, the average buyer spends roughly $82,000 at the event, equating to nearly $2.8 billion annually. About 88 percent of buyers are domestic, and 12 are international, with Canada and Mexico representing the largest global contingents.

“ASD Market Week has exhibitors, manufacturers and sourcing opportunities from around the globe – connecting your brand with the right contacts to help you grow and maintain a healthy retail business,” claimed a recent post on the ASD marketing blog. “In fact, ASD is host to over 45,000 buyers from over 90 different countries… so not only can you source unique products from a global trade show, but you can network with other buyers and gain business insight from retailers around the world.”

A growing trend in CBD oil  

Diamond CBD continues to parlay the growing trend in CBD oil into consistent success in their retail operations. Historically, the company always fares well at events such as ASD marketing week, however, this summer the company followed the event with the announcement of six-month revenues of over $12 million, nearly twice as much as the same period the previous year. Six-month revenues in 2017 came in at just over $5 million, meaning the company experienced a 137 percent increase year-over-year in 2018.

Always at the forefront of the latest in CBD oil trends, Diamond CBD continues to introduce a host of new products to shake up the market, such as their Yum-Yum Gummies —a high-quality CBD edible that offers consumers more bang for their buck. Their new Daily Boost one-shot product is a single shot of CBD oil for customers who are always on-the-go.

The future looks bright for Diamond CBD and their growing line-up of CBD oil products. A recent release referenced a research report provided by Technavio and noted that CBD oil is leading the industry in growth. It listed Diamond CBD as one of the top companies in the sector, mentioning their recent success at ASD Market Week. As the popularity of CBD oil continues to grow, noted the report, so will its market share. And Diamond CBD will continue to be at the forefront of the market.

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