CBD Honey Sticks: 5 Pros and Cons of These Sweet CBD Treats

Dec 3, 2020

CBD honey sticks are a delightful way to incorporate some CBD into your day. You can enjoy these sweet treats as they are or mix them into your afternoon tea. 

While CBD honey sticks are delicious, there are some pros and cons you should know before you start using them 24/7. 

What Are CBD Honey Sticks?

CBD honey sticks are exactly what they sound like; they’re honey infused with hemp-CBD oil and packaged in a small, stick-shaped tube. 

The CBD infused-honey is available in two primary forms: liquid and solid. They both contain the same beneficial properties, so choosing which condition is a matter of your personal preference.

What Can You Use CBD Honey Sticks For?

CBD honey sticks offer you a tasty and easy way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD oil without having to vaporize it. The honey's strong flavor also disguises the plant-y, somewhat bitter taste you would experience while using a CBD tincture. 

As a result, you can use CBD honey sticks to alleviate the same ailments you would target through conventional CBD products. 

Research thus far has demonstrated CBD as an effective, naturalistic option for treating: 

5 Pros of Using CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks: 5 Pros and Cons of These Sweet CBD Treats

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CBD Honey Sticks Are Legal and Readily Available

Due to recent legislation such as the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 and The Misuse of Drugs Designation, hemp-derived CBD products are legally available throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and many other countries. 

For example, you can buy the best CBD capsules online, in pharmacies, health food stores, and supermarkets. 

They Combine the Health Benefits of CBD and Honey

Although you’re probably familiar with CBD’s medicinal benefits, you may not realize just how beneficial honey is for your health. 

Honey mainly consists of water and sugar — namely fructose, according to a Nutrition & Metabolism Journal study. However, it contains traces of vital nutrients and minerals, as well. A few of these nutrients include potassium, iron, B vitamins, and vitamin C. 

Additionally, honey is high in antioxidants. The darker the color of the honey is, the more antioxidants it contains. 

Antioxidants are central to protecting your body from multiple chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory conditions, and cancer, Healthline explains. 

There Are Many Ways to Use CBD Honey Sticks

The nature of a honey stick makes this an incredibly versatile way to consume CBD. Although you can snack on the CBD honey stick as it is, you can get creative and mix it into various foods and beverages, too. 

The liquid form allows you to easily squeeze the CBD into your tea, coffee, or smoothies. You could spread it over crackers or toast with a bit of peanut butter or cream cheese, as well. 

The solid form is also great for mixing into beverages — and it doubles as a stirrer until it dissolves!

CBD Honey Sticks Directly Target Your Gut Health

Consuming CBD as an edible sends the cannabinoid directly to the endocannabinoid receptors in your gut. This is great for those looking to treat gastrointestinal conditions, such as IBS or IBD. 

There’s also evidence that honey may benefit your gut microbiome. According to a review in the Food Quality and Safety Journal, various studies found that honey can help balance your gut microbiome. The results thus far have shown the prebiotic effects of various compounds in honey. 

Balancing your gut microbiome is important to boosting your immunity, and decreasing inflammation, says a Cell Journal review. Prebiotics boost your digestive health by encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. 

CBD Honey Sticks Are Convenient for On-the-Go Use

The small, single-use packaging of CBD honey sticks makes them very convenient for on-the-go use. Put one or two honey sticks in your purse or backpack and bring them with you to a café or anywhere else you might go throughout the day. 

Furthermore, they’re very discrete. No one will think twice if they see you stirring a honey stick into your tea while you’re out and about.

5 Cons of Using CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks: 5 Pros and Cons of These Sweet CBD Treats

Source: Unsplash

CBD Honey Sticks Take Longer to Kick In 

It might be 30 to 60 minutes before you start feeling the effect of CBD edibles in any form — whether it’s honey, gummies, Weed Gummies,  baked goods, etc. While in comparison, vaporization allows you to feel the effects of CBD instantly. 

This delay occurs because your body has to digest the edible before it can begin processing the CBD oil.

Honey is High in Sugar and Fructose

While honey does have positive health benefits, it’s still high in sugar and fructose, averaging about 82g of sugar (40.94g of fructose) per 100g serving, according to the USDA database. 

The high levels of sugar and fructose aren’t ideal if you’re on a low-sugar diet. Those with diabetes or a fructose intolerance may also be at risk of an adverse reaction to honey. 

CBD Honey Sticks Aren’t as Potent 

CBD honey sticks aren’t as potent as other CBD forms, such as tinctures or vape cartridges. Thus, it may not contain enough CBD for you to feel the effects without consuming multiple honey sticks. 

This means you’ll have to budget for purchasing more CBD honey sticks to achieve your desired effects. Conversely, CBD cartridges and tinctures give you more customization over your dosage. You can take as many hits of a cartridge or drops of a tincture as needed at once and throughout the day. 

CBD Honey Sticks May Give You Cotton-Mouth 

Dry mouth is a well-known side effect of CBD. While it’s harmless, it can also be quite irritating and annoying. The thick, sugary consistency of honey can amplify the dry mouth caused by CBD, as well.

CBD Honey Sticks May Negatively Affect Your Liver

A Current Neuropharmacology review found that CBD may adversely affect your liver function. However, this conflicts with other studies that suggest CBD can help the liver heal from alcohol-related damages. 

Since CBD research is still in its infancy, it’s important to speak with your doctor before consuming CBD honey sticks. 

In Conclusion

CBD Honey Sticks: 5 Pros and Cons of These Sweet CBD Treats

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Infused honey sticks offer a highly-delectable and irresistibly sweet method of administering CBD.

In many cases, the pros of using CBD honey sticks outweigh the potential cons. But it’s truly up to the individual to decide whether it’s their new daily go-to or more of an occasional treat. 

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