CBD is exploding into the cosmetics industry, but does it make a difference?

Jan 8, 2019

Cosmetics companies are adding CBD to their products in a big way. Premier, a company which uses the minerals found in the dead sea in its products, is now incorporating CBD into its Premier Dead Sea line of products and will sell those products in the European and Canadian markets. But is it because of the benefits that CBD will have on the body, or because it’s the latest buzzworthy ingredient that’s being incorporated into everything from beer to, well, you name it?

As CannabisNow says’, “CBD has nothing to do with the Dead Sea, in other words, but everything to do with the current cultural moment.”

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CBD is everywhere, and the passage of the 2018 farm bill, which legalized hemp in the United States, could furthering its spread. Already, the cosmetics industry has embraced hemp seed oil in many of their products, with various skin lotions and creams containing it available at Sephora and Walmart, and Kiehl’s. It's not out of the realm of possibility to think that CBD products could find their way onto local store shelves soon.

As CannabisNow says, these products claim that CBD “reduces skin redness and provide skin relief from discomfort,” and “calms the feeling of stressed skin while helping balance hydration?” Does it really do these things? Maybe. But is CBD the latest trendy bandwagon that everybody wants to jump on? Most definitely.

CBD has shown promising effects as a way to soothe sour muscles and joints when incorporated into lotions and creams. As Jessica Richards, founder of Shen Beauty in Brooklyn, told the New York Times, “I tried out the CBD lotion. It’s not a placebo. It really does work for pain management.” But whether it has other purported cosmetic benefits is a subject still very much up for debate. “I get sent a million different brands saying they have CBD, and the stuff doesn’t work,” Richards also said.

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More concerning, we don’t really know exactly the effects of CBD, or marijuana in general, on the body, and what they do on a scientific level. Yes, people have been using marijuana for millennia, but the scientific research into cannabis is only really just beginning. A flurry of news stories that have come out lately have questioned if marijuana is really as safe as we think it is. It’s a warning that needs heading.

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