CBD companies meet with White House over pending regulations

Sep 30, 2020

While Donald Trump spent the evening ranting and raving at last night’s presidential debate, stakeholders in the CBD industry continue to press the White House for guidance from food and drug regulators on whether or not cannabidiol can be used as a dietary supplement. According to a Hemp Industry Daily report, CBD companies have met with the White House Office of Management and Budget over the past few days to try and influence the process.

Most recently, two of the nation's largest stakeholders have lobbied DC officials for further guidance. CBD drugmaker GW Pharmaceuticals and supplement retailer General Nutrition Centers (GNC) have both met with the White House, as first reported by Cannabis Wire.

GW Pharmaceuticals is the first company to receive approval for a CBD-based drug. Epidiolex received federal approval to treat two rare forms of childhood epilepsy over the past few years. According to Hemp Industry Daily, GW’s US subsidiary Greenwich Biosciences lobbies for CBD regulations all across America these days.

GW Pharmaceuticals believes that any approval of CBD as a dietary supplement must be backed by science.

“GW Pharmaceuticals recently met with OMB to reiterate that scientific evidence must form the basis of cannabinoid medications developed for serious illnesses and should similarly determine which cannabinoid products are safe in consumer goods,” Stephen Schultz, vice president of investor relations for GW Pharmaceuticals, told Cannabis Wire. 

“We support a comprehensive regulatory framework that encourages more research and development of FDA-approved, cannabis-derived medicines; provides adequate safety protections for consumers ingesting foods and dietary supplements; and distinguishes FDA-approved medicines from consumer-focused products. This approach will ensure that patients have access to medicines that are proven safe and effective for specific medical conditions,” Schultz continued. 

On the other hand, GNC is looking to sell CBD in stores alongside other over-the-counter supplements. They were represented by lobbying firm Parry, Romani, DeConcini & Simms in a meeting with the White House OMB, as were the CBD Industry and Plexus International.

Firm president Romano Romani told Hemp Industry Daily that his clients want the FDA to “withdraw its position that CBD violates the exclusionary clause.”

Furthermore, GNC issued a statement, saying that the FDA can bring clarity to the CBD market.

“It’s a kind of crazy situation where GNC and a lot of other major companies would like to get into this market. But they don’t want to sell an illegal product. They want a regulated product. And that’s what we were pitching primarily, is that the FDA needs to get back in there and regulate this marketplace,” Romani said to Cannabis Wire.

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