The Cannabist, a Marijuana News Pioneer, Has Lost its Staff

May 3, 2018

The Cannabist, the first marijuana news resource operation by a mainstream news publication in the United States, the Denver Post, has just seen its entire editorial staff eliminated. The announcement was originally reported by Marijuana Business Daily.

“As part of the staff cuts that the Denver Post has been required to make, the decision has been made to no longer have dedicated editorial staff on The Cannabist,” Alex Pasquariello, the site’s current editor, told Marijuana Business Daily.

The news comes at a time when, although the mainstream media is suffering, the cannabis industry is booming. Reliable, mainstream news sources that are held to the highest traditional editorial standards, like any publication under the aegis of a major newspaper like the

Denver Post would be expected to uphold, are more necessary than ever. The fact that a traditional news publication backed The Cannabist meant it was upheld to the highest editorial standards.

The site will remain live for the time being, likely with much less extensive editorial coverage. Marijuana Business Daily reported:

“Pasquariello said his position had been dissolved as of Friday. He added that the Denver Post will continue to cover cannabis and that Alicia Wallace, a Cannabist reporter, will continue to cover marijuana policy and business for the newspaper.”

The site had a staff of three reporters, although at one point it had as many as seven. However, a previous editor of The Cannabist was much more direct in his summation. “This is pretty ruinous,” Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist’s previous editor, told Marijuana Business Daily.

Baca, the first editor of The Cannabist, is also hoping to save The Cannabist, as he told MJBizDaily, “Baca’s Denver-based marketing agency Grasslands is in early discussions with Post leadership about potentially purchasing The Cannabist should the newspaper decide to sell it.”

The Cannabist was launched in 2013, a year before the recreational cannabis market was legalized in Colorado. It chronicled the legalization of cannabis in that pioneering state, becoming a pioneering publication in its own right.

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