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Cannabis Trends, Both Current & Timeless

Oct 21, 2020

With the continual legalization of marijuana in states across the country, smoking is only becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are not only learning how to smoke, but are exploring new ways and new tools to enjoy the experience even more. Gone are the days of using makeshift and homemade smoking equipment, today’s smokers want high-end products. Why have subpar tools when there is more smoking equipment than ever before that you can choose from? Smoking marijuana looks a little different for everyone but keep up with the latest smoking trends as well as the trendiest equipment you can use to have the most enjoyable smoking experience.

Trendiest Ways to Smoke Marijuana

While you can smoke marijuana any way you choose, some methods are arguably better than others. Not only are some ways better than others, but there are definitely more popular ways to smoke as well. These trendy smoking methods can be used by both beginners and advanced smokers alike. Some of the trendiest ways to smoke marijuana include using a glass water bong, using a hand pipe, and rolling a joint yourself. All of these methods are extremely different but maintain their popularity. Using one (if not all) of these three smoking methods are easy to do while not taking away from the smoking experience in the slightest. Whether you choose to use one of these smoking methods is up to you but that doesn’t take away from their popularity or trendiness. 


Bongs have been around for a while but they maintain their trendy style. This method is classy while truly delivering one of the best cannabis effects. Bongs are not only easy to use but they deliver a promising high that you can’t get elsewhere. The straightforward instructions are as follows - simply clean your bong of any previous ash or debris, grind your marijuana, pack the bowl, ignite the marijuana, and smoke to your heart’s desires. Not only does using a bong give you a good taste, but if you are using a reliable, high-quality bong, it can last you years with the proper maintenance and care. Bongs will always be a popular way to smoke because it offers an easy, smooth, and clean-tasting smoking experience. 


Have you ever seen someone smoking from a pipe and thought it wasn’t cool? The answer is likely no. The truth is, pipes will always be trendy because they take little to no work at all to use and they are just fun to smoke from. Simply grind up your cannabis, place it into the bowl of your pipe, and smoke. It truly is as simple as that. The best part of using a pipe is that there are plenty of unique pipes you can purchase that fit your personality. Even if you can’t find any pipes you love at the local smoke store, there are plenty of online shops that offer different pipes for you to choose from. 

Hand Rolled Joint

While some consider this method of smoking old or outdated, it is actually a timeless and classic smoking method that truly never goes out of style. Rolling your own joint could be considered an art that is both portable and shareable. This trendy method of smoking is the traditional method people have used through the ages. This iconic cannabis consumption allows users to really enjoy the flavor as long as it burns smoothly and evenly. Simply grind up your cannabis, create a joint crutch/filter, fill that joint with your crushed cannabis, pack and roll the joint, and then finish your joint off with a firm pinch and twist. This easily usable method allows users to smoke with confidence and ease. Not only that, but this method allows you to easily smoke anywhere since it is so portable. Regardless of how many years you have smoked for or how many different methods you have tried, rolling a joint will always be both a trendy and traditional way to smoke. 

Personalized, Unique, and Trendy Smoking Equipment  

Having smoking equipment you love is incredibly important. That is why you need to treat yourself with some of the best and trendiest cannabis equipment no matter how you smoke. You shouldn’t be using ugly, unreliable smoking tools especially when there are so many high-quality manufactured equipment nowadays. Set yourself up for the most enjoyable smoking experience with bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and any other tools that fit your personality. 

Feel like you haven’t found a cool piece of smoking equipment? Plenty of companies and even online businesses provide trendy products so you don’t have to settle for something bland. Purchasing smoking equipment that matches your personality is becoming increasingly popular since there is now such a wide variety of unique smoking equipment. Want something without a specialized design? That is even easier to find. There are plenty of basic, single-colored bongs and pipes that smokers can buy if they don’t want any design at all. No matter how you smoke, you can find smoking tools you absolutely love so don’t settle for anything less.

Cannabis Smoking Trends and Trendy Cannabis Equipment

Stay up to date with trendy and timeless ways to smoke. Even if you have a preferred way to smoke that isn’t listed above, you always need the best tools. Even if you can’t find any tools you love at local stores, there are plenty of online stores that sell only the highest quality equipment. Have a smoking collection that you love and want to use on a regular basis. Not to mention, owning unique smoking tools will make all your friends jealous. Treat yourself today with the trendiest cannabis equipment!

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