Cannabis Stock Report: The Five-Day Marijuana Index

As of the close of trading on Thursday, the five-day North American Marijuana Index is on an upward trend that follows a similar pattern of investor excitement seen over the past three months. The Index began the period trading at 144.57, hitting a low of 138.94 before reaching a high of 154.02. Another week of good news for the industry saw the North America Index ending the five-day period at 153.67.

United States Index

Even with trading halted for the Thanksgiving holiday, the United States five-day Marijuana Index still saw significant gains. The Index opened the period at 54.79, hitting a low of 54.42 and a high of 58.29. Before the end of the holiday-shortened trading time, the Index five-day closed at 58.11.

Canadian Index

The Canadian Marijuana Index followed the same pattern as their counterparts in the United States, with the five-day Index starting at 357.20, with a low of 333.31 and a high near 389. Canada ended the five-day trading period near 387.

Top Gainers

As of this morning the top gainers across the industry include Aphria Inc. (APH:CA), trading up .390 at a share price of 9.68, Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB:CA) trading up .330 at a share price of 7.07 and Maricann Group Inc. (MARI:CNX) trading up at .140 at a share price of 2.16.

Top Losers

Looking at the other side of the market, CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. (CMED:CA) is down .180, trading at 20.80 a share, Marapharm Ventures Inc. (MDM:CNX) is down .040 trading at .870 a share, and Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNBX) is down .030 trading at .900 a share.

Most Active

Right now the most active stocks are Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB:CA) with a share volume of 5,000,061, Namaste Technologies Inc. (N:CNX) with a share volume of 1,685,434, and Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) with a share volume of 1,299,075.

Focus on: Biotech Sector

Taking a look at the biotech sector this morning, a segment that looks at pharmaceutical companies researching with cannabinoids, Veritas Pharma Inc. (VRTHF), Omni Health Inc. (OMHE), and Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS) are the big winners. Premier Biomedical Inc. (BIEI), Cure Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (CURR), and Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PVOTF) are the top loser in the sector.

Expect trading to resume with limited hours in the states as the markets open again after the holiday. If history is any indication, look for the index to keep going up.

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