Cannabis Science and Tech Company Iaso Introduces Innovative New Products

Iaso, a new cannabis tech and science company, is introducing itself and two innovative new cannabis propagation products at the Terpenes and Testing World Conference, which is being held in the San Jose Convention Center, in California’s Silicon Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, according to a company statement.

Founded in 2015, the company is ready to unveil two new products they claim will be revolutionary for the medical marijuana industry, mechanizing and automating the cultivation and processing of cannabis and its extracts.

The first product, GrowBlox, is a self-contained, automated cultivation system that is being promoted as completely ‘plug and play,’ meaning the indoor system will potentially grow your harvest without the need for human assistance. The company claims the product will be able to achieve five harvests per year “making it the most cost-effective complete growing solution available anywhere in the world.”

According to Iaso “One compact GrowBlox chamber will optimize your yield of superior medical-grade cannabis, and its unique aeroponic technology maximizes root absorption of nutrients, to produce robust, lush plants with high cannabinoid profiles.”

Iaso promises extraordinary production results without waiting an extended time for an initial harvest.

“Entrepreneurs, growers, and investors can order and have delivered 1 to hundreds of units within 45 days, and achieve five full grows within the first year – compared to traditional indoor growing techniques that can take 9-10 months or more before an initial grow is even started.”

Iaso claims the second product being unveiled, called PhytoX, is “the world's first hydrodynamic extraction system that can process whole, fresh, undried cannabis plants, which maximizes plant utilization, reduces processing costs, and increases yields.”

Company founder César Cordero-Krüger said "After five years of extensive research, planning, development, design and manufacturing, we are proud to now introduce our unique company, products and technologies to the leaders of the medical marijuana industry around the world. We also have built a state-of-the-art Center of Excellence where we create superior, medical-grade solutions across the entire cannabis ecosystem using our vertically integrated licenses, which include genetic research and tissue culture propagation laboratories, innovative indoor cultivation methods, powerful extraction technologies, and unique drug delivery systems."

Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash

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