Cannabis power couple Al and Michele Harrington look to sexual wellness company Fiora to expand their empire

Oct 20, 2020

Even though COVID-19 continues to ravage local economies across the country, entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry continue to press forward, proving that, in some sense, cannabis is genuinely a recession-proof industry. For example, NBA veteran Al Harrington, who is also the founder of national cannabis products maker Viola, announced his most recent investment on Tuesday. According to a statement, the cannabis aficionado and activist has made a significant investment in the health and sexual wellness brand, Foria

Harrington’s wife, Michele Harrington, will be taking the lead with this most current investment, helping the family expand their now dominant presence further into the growing CBD industry.

“Women’s wellness, sexual awareness and education has always been a passion of mine,” said Michele Harrington, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Foria, in a statement. “I have been using Foria for the past three years and experienced the many benefits of their products. The work that Foria has done to empower women by supporting overall wellness in their different life stages is inspiring. I believe in Foria’s mission and am excited to help others on this part of their personal journeys.”

The press release put out by the company called the new venture a “strategic partnership,” deeming it crucial for the future success of Foria, a company known for developing and producing entirely plant-based and organic THC and CBD products. The overall goal of the investment is to help Fiora expand its reach into the omnipresent cannabis market.

This will be Michele Harrington’s first official role in the cannabis industry. However, as noted in the statement released Tuesday, she has spent years working closely with Mr. Harrington, having had a significant voice in Viola's growth. She’s put in over a decade’s worth of work helping her husband at Viola and will use that experience to drive expansion efforts in this new venture. At Fiora, she will “drive a multi-faceted growth campaign together with [the company’s] leadership.” The ultimate goal has many moving parts and includes increasing general awareness, education, and fundraising efforts. 

Viola offers consumers a variety of different cannabis and cannabis-related products. The company cultivates premium flower and processes butane extracts. According to a statement, “Viola manages every aspect of their production process, applying the latest and most proven technologies to ensure the consistency and quality of their products.” 

Fiora is a company that works in the same vein, having a shared mission with Viola. They’ve built their reputation on innovative health and sexual wellness products, using what they refer to as “the proven wisdom of plants… powered by compassion.” As per the press release put out on Tuesday, Fiora centers their business around sustainability too. All of their boxes are 100 percent PCW paper, and “products are housed in recyclable amber glass bottles with no paint, frosting or metallics used.”

“We could not be more excited to welcome Michele Harrington to the Foria family,” shared Foria co-CEO Jon Brandon in a statement. “The synergies between our brands are obvious and the Harringtons’ participation with us will help introduce Foria to a diverse set of communities, thereby extending the reach of our brand and the benefits of our products to more people everywhere. Michele’s direct equity investment has also accelerated our Series B fundraising efforts.”

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