As the cannabis debate heats up in conservative Utah, a state senator decided to try it for himself

The great medical marijuana legalization debate in the conservative state of Utah is sparking some interesting events as both sides gear up for a showdown. First, an anonymous marijuana advocate placed Mormon scripture on billboards around the state. Now a Utah state senator, Democrat Jim Dabakis, has taken a trip down to Las Vegas just to get high and see for himself what all the fuss was about.

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On October 20, Dabakis went to Vegas, where marijuana is legal, and tried it for the first time. He recorded himself sampling an edible gummy bear, sharing the entire experiment with Utahns in two videos he posted to his Facebook page.

“I wanted to have at least one Utah state senator that actually has tried cannabis before we had this big debate,” he said in a follow-up video. His conclusion: everyone should just “mellow out.”

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“I felt a little high, a little okay, but it didn’t change my life,” he explained. “Everybody, mellow out. Recognize that this is nothing to be afraid of. The people that are terrified by it seem to be the people who never tried it.”

Utah’s Proposition 2, for the legalization of medical marijuana, comes before voters on November 6.


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