A cannabis company tried to run an ad during the Oscars starring Bella Thorne, but ABC said no

Mar 8, 2019

As cannabis becomes more mainstream and the industry as a whole morphs into being more like every other American industry, major cannabis companies are going to want to get their hands on prime advertising time during the country’s biggest televised events.

Video still from Lowell Herb Co.’s cannabis ad for the Oscars
Video still from Lowell Herb Co.’s cannabis ad for the Oscars

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So far, however, it seems the big networks aren’t having it. A month ago, a cannabis company’s ad was turned down for Super Bowl placement by CBS. More recently, another cannabis company, Lowell Herb Co., says they tried to buy airtime during the Oscars for an ad starring former Disney starlet, Bella Thorne, and got rejected by ABC.

Bella Thorne

The company attempted to buy the $2 million spot for an ad that would show artisanal farmers lovingly tending to their cannabis crops. The ad would then transition to Ms. Thorne enjoying Lowell Herb Co.’s finished product with friends at a cool hipster party. According to Page Six, Lowell says the ad was meant to be a “celebration of California legalization”. Ms. Thorne told them “It’s a shame that, that message won’t be televised . . . for now.” Neither ABC nor the Oscars have gotten back to Page Six for a comment.

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The extended version of the commercial can be viewed below:


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