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Boehner hosts cannabis summit for marijuana stock investors

Former House Speaker John Boehner hosted a free online event last week called The American Cannabis Summit. The event was highly publicized among the Wall Street crowd with its main purpose being to introduce the Cannabis Investors Network. Joining Boehner to introduce the public to the new source for cannabis investing were industry leaders Danny Brody and Mike Ward.

Boehner, Brody, and Ward bring years of experience

Boehner is on the board of Acreage Holdings, a company that has one of the most diverse portfolios of any American cannabis company. They have operations in 14 states with plans to expand. Acreage’s business model includes strong partnerships with physicians and medical researchers as well as industry regulators.

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Brody was the executive behind two of the largest cannabis IPOs in history —Emblem Corp. and The Green Organic Dutchman. Ward is the publisher of Money Map Press, designed to help investors understand and profit from global trends in investing. Ward’s Money Morning is one of the fastest-growing, most-visited investment news sites on the internet.

Boehner gave sage advice during the online event, telling investors that the current $10.8 billion cannabis market could soar to over $100 billion, but to not blindly invest in the sector. He said that cannabis is here to stay and the industry will only grow bigger.

He stated that the “next generation of billion-dollar cannabis companies are ripe for the picking” but that investors need to make smart moves.

During the summit, Boehner spoke about how marijuana has now replaced tobacco as America’s cash crop, and how the largest sector of medical marijuana users are seniors. He also spoke about how cannabis tourism is taking off in states like Colorado and Oregon.

The American Cannabis Summit aims to provide the public with the best research and the most lucrative investment opportunities. The team of Boehner, Brody, and Ward claims to have built the most comprehensive database of cannabis companies and investing information on the planet, from every publicly-traded cannabis company to the most promising privately-held startups. Due diligence has been done on all the companies, with careful analysis of financial and business plans and vetting of executives.

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All of this work has culminated in the goal of bringing consumers a one-stop shopping experience as well as a discovery and learning platform on how to invest in the industry.

The American Cannabis Summit was the official launch of the National Institute of Cannabis Investors, which aims to provide cutting-edge information related to cannabis investment, including advice for first-time stock investors, information on which cannabis stocks have the greatest potential, IPOs on the horizon and brands projected to be big in the industry.

Key takeaways from The American Cannabis Summit

First, Boehner stated that he thinks the federal government will legalize cannabis within the next five years or sooner, due to mounting pressure on lawmakers from states that have already legalized cannabis. Boehner cited one of the likely deciding factors as the tax revenue that can be reaped from cannabis. Since 2014, Colorado has collected over $800 million in tax revenues just from cannabis.

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Despite the recent focus on Canada and other global sites, Brody stated that the United States is where the action is and where the action will remain for quite a while. Brody said Canada is a fraction of the size of the U.S., so the market potential for the U.S. is much larger. He also stated that now that Canada has legalized cannabis, the growth market is in the U.S.

Boehner also discussed the massive potential of CBD that is showing tremendous medical promise. Boehner predicted that CBD will emerge as a major natural treatment in the coming years and that millions of consumers will use the new wonder drug. Most CBD products in the U.S. are produced from hemp, and therefore CBD is already legal in 46 states.

Finally, Boehner concluded by saying that cannabis brands are where big money will be made in the future, as the legal marijuana industry matures.


*Header Image: Gage Skidmore

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