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Bill Nye Checks Out Pot in the New Season of His Neflix Show

By Sean McCaughan
Jan 11, 2018

Famous TV scientist and entertainer Bill Nye debuted the second season of his Netflix show 'Bill Nye Saves the World' with a deep dive into the science of marijuana, which was released on Dec. 29th. As GreenState described the episode, "Bill Nye visited a medical cannabis retailer, takes a trip through hemp history and talks cannabis policy with film director Kevin Smith, as well as a medical researcher and a Washington state pot regulator." Ahead of the episode's airing, GreenState caught up with Nye for a short interview as well. Although Nye has always been known to go at his topics from a scientific perspective (he is 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' after all) he gets into the culture and history of marijuana itself, and why it took the place it currently holds in society. Here are a few highlights.

"...people use marijuana for everything medically and there’s questions about how it affects you when you’re young, like drinking like alcohol. So we investigated this and the upshot is if anybody tells you he knows all about marijuana and how it works he really doesn’t."

"Marijuana was made schedule 1 to oppress or suppress poor people. That’s pretty well-documented. That was certainly in the last 40 years the intent. But in George Washington’s time it was used as legal tender."

"We have to do research to find out what it really does. Nobody is exactly sure what tetrahydrocannabinol does. No one’s exactly sure what cannabidiol does. But perhaps because of a genetic configuration, certain people become addicted to it. Then there’s also substantial evidence that young people’s brains are modified by smoking a lot of dope. And there’s no question that men’s sperm is affected by marijuana smoking."

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