Artist Chloe O’Malley uses her embroidery skills to create stunning cannabis creations

CannabisNow recently highlighted the work of Chloe O’Malley, a tattoo artist from Leeds, in Britain, who has taken her creative talent to the hoop, so to speak. She stitches images of cannabis plants with embroidery hoop art. She shows off her work on her Instagram page, @chloeomalley_embroidery.

Chloe depicts cannabis plants hyper-realistically, with each hand-made creation modeled after a particular cannabis strain. Chloe somehow makes the unique colors, textures, and characteristics of each strain come out in her work. She even plays with the three-dimensional nature of needlework, to illustrate characteristics spatially. As CannabisNow points out, Chloe’s work is reminiscent of scientific illustrations.

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Chloe was formally trained in embroidery at the Manchester Metropolitan University before getting into tattooing, but picked embroidery back up a few years ago. After stitching the same sorts of images she likes to do in her tattooing, like flowers and insects, she was inspired to embroider a cannabis plant for her boyfriend’s birthday. “He’s an avid smoker, so it seemed like the perfect gift!” O’Malley told CannabisNow. This launched a new passion and a side business.

She decided she wanted to change people’s perceptions of cannabis through the beauty of art and needlework. 

“Personally, I enjoy the concept of using an old craft like embroidery to stitch something a little bit tongue-and-cheek like cannabis,” she says. “The stigma attached to cannabis is slowly lifting and people are wanting to celebrate cannabis in all its forms, one of which is in art. There are some great Instagram accounts showcasing cannabis art through lots of different mediums.”

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The business side of her needlework art is still a new thing for Chloe, especially considering she doesn’t tend to stitch the same cannabis strain twice, but she may change that soon. “I’m still in the process of figuring how to make this an easy process for my customers,” she says. Currently, she sells her work through her online shop.


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Header Image via @chloeomalley_embroidery on Instagram

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