5 Amazing Things To Know About CBD Patches

Dec 3, 2020

CBD continues to surprise the millennial world with its incredible flexibility and excellent medicinal benefits. Now the substance has found yet another impressive way to provide several benefits through CBD patches. 

Patches also help you gain a longer dose while also being discreet with the usage. In contemporary society, marijuana bud sourced products are becoming de-stigmatized. Despite the many attempts to remove the taboo and stereotype that comes with cannabis usage, there are still many parts where this stereotypical worldview persists. In such places, CBD patches can come in handy.

Like every other cannabis product (CBD based), these patches too contain little or no trace of THC. This is precisely why CBD Oil and other CBD based products in American/European states are legalized for consumption. Given its popularity of usage, here are some popular facts about CBD patches.

1. They Last Long

CBD patches are usually placed on the skin and can be left in any place. The usual duration for the normal CBD patch is around 30-36 hours. This is because each CBD patch contains a large amount (15 mg approximately) of pure cannabidiol and has no THC content. The THC content in such products creates psychoactive symptoms such as hallucinations and euphoric rush. 

This is not the case with CBD patches that have a concentrated dosage of CBD and is beneficial to the human body in many ways. Each CBD patch is also showerproof or water-resistant, which means each patch can easily give you the right high throughout the day.

5 Amazing Things To Know About CBD Patches

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2. Kinds of CBD Patches

You can apply CBD patches transdermally, i.e., through the skin layer and pores. Primarily, there are two variants of a CBD patch – reservoir and matrix patches. Each of these layers delivers the supplement differently to the body. 

A matrix patch delivers the supplement through a thin film. The CBD content is mostly present in the adhesive, which is why the patch is usually thinner. A reservoir patch is comparatively thicker because the CBD gets suspended in the patch and releases gradually at its application. Most of the CBD patches contain liner and backing, the supplement or the drug, and various other sections that are either there to protect the drug or enhance its ability to permeate through the skin pores.

5 Amazing Things To Know About CBD Patches

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3. More Beneficial than Oils

CBD patches tend to be more beneficial than CBD oils, although both are usually amongst the most preferred and beneficial products. When you use CBD patches with the additional combination of full-spectrum products, these patches’ potency increases manifold. Due to CBD components’ concentration and THC’s absence, these patches are ideal for getting the cannabinoids into the nervous system. 

The absence of THC also means that there will not be any psychoactive effects of the drug, and you can easily and peacefully enjoy a therapeutic way to consume CBD.

4. Can Help in Pain Alleviation

CBD is one of the most beneficial components that stems out of the Cannabis Sativa plant. According to the study, CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body and helps in better and faster neurological processing. 

Additionally, this reaction with the endocannabinoid system further causes the increased release of serotonin. CBD also reacts with pain receptors and shuts off the causes and neurological inhibitors relating to pain. Increased serotonin also helps to reduce the anxiety or stress from pain. This helps to calm the nerves and neutralize the effects of chronic pain such as osteoarthritis and gouts.

5 Amazing Things To Know About CBD Patches

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5. Easy to Use and Exact Dosage

Are you in search of one of the simplest ways to use CBD? Then it has to be the patches. You neither have to roll it like a CBD joint nor mix them up in the recipes you like to prepare. And in both cases, you need to spare at least 20-30 minutes. But CBD patch gives you the flexibility of using it on your skin whenever and wherever you want. You can even use it underneath the dress, and nobody can understand that you are using it. 

Besides that, these patches with cannabidiol have the exact dose of CBD. So, there is no risk of decreasing or increasing the CBD dose. Different patches are available with different amounts of cannabidiol. Choose the one that suits you. 


Though the patch’s advantages are numerous in this method, it is worth remembering that there are significant disadvantages to sustained use or overuse. Failure to adhere to the prescribed limits causes fatigue, nausea, irritability, appetite changes, tiredness, and diarrhea. Hence, it is essential to pay attention to the prescribed dosage and consult a licensed practitioner specializing in guidance in any confusion or doubt. Moreover, when you are going to buy CBD patches, always ensure that you get them from reputed dispensers and certified companies.

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