Mega Marijuana Shop

About Us

If you live in California and want to find the best marijuana you have to visit Mega Marijuana Shop. You can select marijuana products right off of the shelf from your caregiver. They promise a marijuana experience as you have never had before! All patients coming to the Mega Marijuana facility receive personal service from a Maine Caregiver.  They will meet and discuss your condition, offer possible treatments, and give specific instructions on the use of medical marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates and other products tailored specifically for you.  
  Whether you're seeking body relief, pain relief, anxiety relief, and other conditions, they will develop a custom treatment plan for you and with you that treats your specific conditions. Every patient receives specific courses of treatment and recommendations from their expert caregivers. Their growers use filtered spring water as a water source and use all natural fertilizers in a clean and well-ventilated grow environment. Each grows is inspected four times daily by highly trained cannabis botanists.