May 7

Webinar: The 10 Cardinal Parameters of Plant Health and Vitality


Successful cannabis cultivation depends on many variables, including an intimate understanding of your plants. This goes beyond a plant’s basic needs for growth, and encompasses its culture: all of the bacteria, spores, fungus and other microorganisms living on and inside the plant. A consistent cultural control and environmental control strategy can help you maximize plant genetics, optimize product quality and yield, and influence overall plant health and vitality.

Industry experts Jesse Porter and Robbie Batts will bring their decades of experience in cultivation science and technology to guide the conversation and answer your questions.

- Define the cardinal parameters of plant health and vitality and the four pillars of environmental control

- Explore the impact these parameters have on plant transpiration and vapor pressure deficit (VPD)

- Discuss the process of maximizing transpiration and VPD to optimize plant genetics, phenotype expression, biomass and other factors of product quality


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