U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo - Miami

400 SE 2nd Ave,
Miami, FL, 33131, United States


Attendees and exhibitors will hear from speakers there to educate and inspire, not just showcase their brand, products or businesses. As always we will create a highly professional environment where the outlines for the future of cannabis will take shape. The conference includes seminars from top industry leaders and an exhibit hall filled with businesses showcasing industry related products and services. I personally look forward to your participation in this groundbreaking event. Come and take a look at the future of Cannabis.


10:00 Aug 2
Advanced Cultivation Training Session
19:00 Aug 2
Opening Networking Event
11:00 Aug 3
Cannabis Branding to Mainstream Consumers
Nancy Duitch, Joe Hodas, Joe Bayern and Bert Miller
11:00 Aug 3
Content is King: How to Create Authority with Sticky and Compelling Content
Charlotte Oliva
11:00 Aug 3
Understanding the Endocannabinoid System
Zac Pilossoph, Mr. Prad Sekar, Dr. Nadia Bodkin and Barry Gordon, MD
12:00 Aug 3
13:00 Aug 3
CBD, THC and The Rest of the Cannabinoids
Peter Calfee, Dr. Andrew Hall Ph.D and Dr. Mal Evans
13:00 Aug 3
Creating an Iconic Brand Now From Licensing to Packaging and more
Alex Pasternack, Barry Kates, Jessica Schneider and Adam Brown
13:00 Aug 3
Marketing Hacks For Your Local Business
Frank Watson, Chris Boggs, Guillermo Bravo and Scott Rabinowitz
14:00 Aug 3
Afternoon Keynote - "The Farm Bill, and the Changing Federal Regulation of Hemp "
Michael Brubeck
15:00 Aug 3
Advanced Cultivation Techniques
Chris "Sunshine" Williams
15:00 Jul 3
Cannabis Banking : Weighing the Obstacles and Options
Sam Fensterstock
15:00 Aug 3
Medical Cannabis Data from Real-World Evidence
Mr. Prad Sekar
16:00 Aug 3
Cannabis Business Accounting & 280E
Paula Savchenko
16:00 Aug 3
Cannabis Distribution: Reviewing the Supply Chain Checklist
Guillermo Bravo and Arnaud Dumas de R
16:00 Aug 3
Federal Legalization & Its Effects On The Medical Cannabis Marketplace
Tom Dean and Michael Minardi
11:00 Aug 4
Investing In Cannabis: In the U.S. and Abroad
Jeffrey Harris, Joe Bayern and Larry Schnurmacher
11:00 Aug 4
Public Perception of Cannabis and the Misinformed Media Portrayal
Bob Reilly and Rosie Mattio
11:00 Aug 4
The State of the Florida Cannabis Market and What's Next
Holly Bell, Carlos Curbelo and Robert Roundtree
12:00 Aug 4
13:00 Aug 4
CBD Research for the Supplement Industry in North America.
Dr. Mal Evans and Najla Guthrie
13:00 Aug 4
Cannabis: The Over 50 Crowd
Mr. Robert Platshorn and Mr. Edward Weidenfeld
13:00 Aug 4
The New CEOs of Cannabis
15:00 Aug 4
Incorporating Cannabis Therapy for Chronic Conditions
Dr. Nadia Bodkin, Mr. Vincent Crowley, Dr. Adam Abodeely and Luis Enrique Liogier
15:00 Aug 4
The World Of Edibles and this Underestimated Market
Suzy Badaracco, Carlton Bone and Eric Block
16:00 Aug 4
How To Use PR To Do What Advertising Can't
Rosie Mattio
16:00 Aug 4
Living a Cannabis Lifestyle: What does that look like?
Renee Kirwan, Marvin Degon IV, Suzy Badaracco and Dr. Rob Streisfeld
16:00 Aug 4
Tax & Regulate - Making It Adult-Use And Its Effects In the Eastern United States
Tom Dean and Michael Minardi