July 27

OCA 4th Annual Summer Fair

723 N Tillamook St,
The North Warehouse,
Portland, OR, 97227, United States


Everyone loves a Summer Fair. In the spirit of carnivals, street fairs and summer celebrations, the 4th Annual Summer Fair brings the public into the wonderful world of Oregon cannabis. With more than sixty producers, processors, makers and dispensaries alongside other crafts, music and fair food, this is the best event of the summer!

The Summer Fair invites the public to experience the diversity, craftsmanship and expertise of Oregon’s cannabis community. From cannabis to coffee, chocolate and other craft consumables, many of our state’s best products are produced by small, family-run businesses. The Summer Fair puts names and faces to the people behind an astonishing and growing variety of cannabis products. 
Not only is it fun, the Summer Fair is one of few consumption events in the state. What makes cannabis even better, sharing it with new and old friends. The Summer Fair will celebrate the best of what Oregon has to offer.


11:00 Jul 27
Event start
18:00 Jul 27
Event ends