July 30

Missouri Hemp Conference 2019: Seed to Sale

2601 South Providence Road,
Columbia, MO, 65203, United States


Are you a Missouri farmer interested in growing hemp? Then come to the Missouri Hemp Conference 2019: Seed to Sale!

About this Event

Come learn about growing hemp – from planting all the way through marketing your product to end buyers.

The Missouri Hemp Conference will take place in Columbia, Missouri. The event will last all day, and lunch will be provided.

This Missouri Hemp Conference is organized by the Missouri Hemp Association LLC, an organization dedicated to helping farmers, processors, manufacturers, and investors succeed in the hemp industry.


09:30 Jul 30
Registration opens
10:30 Jul 30
William J. Cook, family farme & rural entreprenuer Recognize sponsors and introduce MHA Board of Directors
10:45 Jul 30
Future of Hemp Production
Babu Valliyodan, PhD ()Lincoln University - Jefferson City, Missouri
11:15 Jul 30
Hemp Fiber Production and Markets
Anndrea Hermann (Manitoba, Canada)
11:45 Jul 30
World Outlook for Hemp Markets
Francisco Manzano (Kimetec Group-Almeria, Spain)
12:15 Jul 30
Lunch/Visit with Exhibitors
13:45 Jul 30
Keynote Adress: "Growing Hemp 101"
Kirk Azevedo, D.C. (President, Riparian Biosupport, Inc. - San Luis Obispo County, CA)
14:45 Jul 30
"Hemp Genetics"
Levi Swanson (Ovner, Linn County Seed and Flower - Brookfield, Missouri)
15:15 Jul 30
Producer Panel: "What Does this Mean for Me?"
Moderator: Dale Ludwig, MHA Executive Director; Kirk Azevedo, Anndrea Hermann, Ceally Smith, Dan Kuebler and Levi Swanson
15:45 Jul 30
Open Q&A from the audience
16:30 Jul 30
Adjourn for mixer and networking with speakers and exhibitors