EnviroTextiles Hemp Workshop

526 Pine St. Glenwood Springs,
Glenwood Springs, CO, 81601, United States


EnviroTextiles, one of the world’s few hemp and natural fiber textile developers, is holding a unique two day hemp development workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to provide qualified information on the various growing methods, differences of raw material yields, infrastructure required for seed to finished product, compliance and business planning. At trade shows there is little time to discuss the details of business plans or hold in depth conversations. For this reason, Enviro chose to use a classroom workshop format.

The Enviro Hemp Workshop is a teaming effort between EnviroTextiles and Native Workplace, who also brings 30 years of experience in cannabis hemp and will be speaking on tribal issues, government contracting and diversity subjects.


09:00 Jul 13
Critical Practices: Best Growing Methods for Industrial Hemp Yields, Supply Chain: Seed to Finished Product- Material Specifics, Choosing the Right Processing Machinery For End Product, Contract Farming Agreements vs. Start Up Operations
12:00 Jul 13
13:00 Jul 13
Opening New Markets: How to Enter Government Contracting with Hemp, Diversity Advantages: Federal Minority Contracting Status, Non-Cultivation Manufacturing and Processing Options
14:00 Jul 13
Tribal Hemp: USDA Farm Bill Planning, Commonly Over-looked Specifics in Tribal Regulations, Developing Beneficial Partnerships with Tribes, How to Protect and Utilize Tribal Naturalized (Feral) Hemp
15:00 Jul 13
Open Topic Working Question & Answer Session
09:00 Jul 14
Fiber & CBD Market Trends: Planning for Long Term Sustainability, Federal Textile and CBD Labeling Requirements, Tariffs on the Hemp Industry and Global Hemp Market
12:00 Jul 14
13:00 Jul 14
Develop R&D Projects with Tribal and Community Colleges Accessing Federal Grants and Funding for Employee Job Training
14:00 Jul 14
Open Topic Working Question & Answer Session
16:00 Jul 14
Tour: Walk through Tour of EnviroTextiles Warehouse and Distribution Operations.