December 7

CBD Expo East

Resort 6001 Destination Parkway,
Hilton Orlando,
Orlando, FL, United States


The event will feature more than 90 exhibitors, along with a large lineup of presentations and panel discussions from experts in the production, distribution and sale of CBD products. CBD Expo East will also spotlight new CBD product lines, CBD food and beverage creations as well as featured competitions on a centralized demo stage.


09:00 Dec 7
Keynote Speaker
Celeste Miranda
10:00 Dec 7
CBD and Hormones: The Relationship of the Endocannabinoid System and the Endocrine System
Dr. Melanie Bone
10:15 Dec 7
Dosing & The Pharmacokinetics of CBD
10:30 Dec 7
How to Make a 6-Figure Income as a Certified CBD Coach
Richard Diamond with CBD Training Academy
10:45 Dec 7
The Science Behind Phytoceuticals
Dr. Bomi Joseph
11:15 Dec 7
Regulatory (Re-)Scheduling of CBD & its Drug Abuse Liability (DAL)
11:30 Dec 7
Hemp is Hope: Neuroplasticity and Brain Growth
Dr. James Taylor
12:30 Dec 7
The Global Market for CBD
Gene Fein
12:30 Dec 7
Therapeutic Efficacy of Full Spectrum CBD vs Single Molecule CBD
13:15 Dec 7
Cannabinoid Pharmacology
Dr. Jenny Wilkins
13:30 Dec 7
CBD Formulations
14:00 Dec 7
Cannabinoids for Medical Ailments
Dr. Adam Abodeely, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS


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