CannaGrow Expo

277 N Avenida Caballeros,
Palm Springs, CA, 92262, United States


The ultimate weekend dedicated to the art & science of growing cannabis returns to the Palm Springs Convention Center for 2019. Connect with 1600+ growers & extractors from around the world, plus 125+ grow and extraction focused exhibitors, 35+ high-impact educational sessions, the return of the Grower Networking Roundtables, and The Extraction Summit on day 2. Learn more & register at


09:00 Aug 17
Check-in & Registration / Expo Hall Opens
10:00 Aug 17
Welcome to the 9th CannaGrow Expo!
10:00 Aug 17
Cannabis Cultivation 101: The Fundamentals of a Successful Grow Operation
Room: Catalina Christian West Lead Cultivator @ Big Earth Consulting
10:00 Aug 17
Pathway to Licensure: Navigating the Complex Local & State Licensing Requirements
Room: Pasadena Kimberly R. Simms | Attorney @ Law Office of Kimberly R. Simms APC
10:00 Aug 17
Using Cutting Edge Market Research and Branding Techniques to Build Powerhouse Cannabis Brands
Room: Sierra Scott Seidewitz | Founder & Principal @ The Seidewitz Group
10:00 Aug 17
A Data-Driven Case Study of Living Soil & Craft Cannabis
Room: Madera Tanner Budde | General Manager @ Good Weed
11:00 Aug 17
IP Protection for Cannabis Producers: Analysis of 4 Major Types of IP Available for Novel Plant Cultivars & How They Apply to Cannabis & Hemp
Room: Catalina Travis Bliss | IP Attorney & IP Biotechnology Group Chair @ Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney
11:00 Aug 17
Cannabis Economics for Cultivators: Understanding Economies of Scale & How to Establish Distribution Networks
Room: Madera Preston Gardner | Research Analyst @ CVC Partners
11:00 Aug 17
Protecting Landrace and Rare Genetics by Aligning with Mother Nature
Room: Pasadena Kat A. Donnelly Ph. D. | Founder & Co-CEO @ AZENTIVE
12:00 Aug 17
Expo Hall Time / Lunch in the Expo Hall
13:00 Aug 17
Clean Cultivation: Why Consumers Want Organic Cannabis & What Producers Can Do to Meet the Demand
Room: Catalina Heather DeRose | CEO @ Green House Healthy
13:00 Aug 17
How to Compete with Corporate Cannabis: Branding, Packaging, and Marketing for Independent Cannabis Producers
Room: Madera Tom Alexander | CEO @ Sinsemilla Tips Business Services
13:00 Aug 17
The Soul of Soil: Deepen Your Understanding of the Soil Food Web
Room: Pasadena Rachael Carlevale | Regenerative Cannabis Farmer & Yoga Instructor @ Ganjasana
13:00 Aug 17
Automated Cultivation Analytics: How To Build Reports & Predictive Models to Support Cultivation Decisions
Room: Sierra Henry Finkelstein | CEO @ Cannabis Big Data
14:00 Aug 17
Measuring and Maintaining the Critical Environmental Parameters for Perfectly Healthy Plants
Room: Catalina Jennifer Martin | Founder/Owner @
14:00 Aug 17
There’s a New Bud in Town! Growing Autoflowering Cannabis with Jeff Lowenfels
Room: Madera Jeff Lowenfels | Lord of The Roots @ Teaming With Microbes
14:00 Aug 17
Examining Micropropagation Applications & Potential in Cannabis Cultivation
Room: Pasadena Hope Jones | CEO @ Emergent Cannabis Sciences
14:00 Aug 17
LED Case Study: Learn How to Evaluate Fixtures & Make Successful Lighting Decisions for Your Grow Operation
Room: Sierra Steve Kruss | President @ Light-Waves Electronics Inc.
15:00 Aug 17
Emergency Ice Cream Break in the Expo Hall
15:30 Aug 17
Grower Networking Roundtables
17:00 Aug 17
Cocktails & Networking in the Expo Hall
20:30 Aug 17
Crop King Seeds Poolside Bash
09:00 Aug 18
Check-in & Registration / Expo Hall Opens
10:00 Aug 18
Foundational Plant Health Principles: The Impact of Root Health on Leaf Environment
Room: Catalina Charlie Hayes | Bio-Chemist - Founder - President @ Advanced Treatment Technologies
10:00 Aug 18
Hemp 101: A Guide to Understanding the Emerging Hemp Industry from Seed to Sale
Room: Madera Farmer Tom Educator Founder & Owner @ Farmer Tom's Hemp Company
10:00 Aug 18
Distilling Regulations for Cannabis Manufacturers: An In-Depth Examination of California Cannabis Regulations & the Practical Issues Facing Producers
Room: Pasadena Dana Cisneros | Attorney @ Cannabis Corporate Law Firm
10:00 Aug 18
Terroir & Appellation d'Origine Pathway to Quality as Defined by the French Wine Industry: Protecting the Heritage of Small Cannabis Farmers
Room: Sierra Frenchy Cannoli | Master Hashishin
11:00 Aug 18
Crop & Property Security For an Evolving Industry: How to Properly Secure the Supply Chain to Efficiently Expand Operations
Room: Catalina Neil Bailey - Director of Strategic Security @ Hoplite Hemp Solutions
11:00 Aug 18
The Art & Science of Breeding Cannabis for Therapeutic Benefit
Room: Madera Adam Jacques | Breeder - Cultivator & Consultant @ AgSense
11:00 Aug 18
Prevention, Eradication, & Maintenance to Achieve a Pest & Plague Free Indoor Grow
Room: Pasadena Jay Kitchen | Content Creator/Owner @ Uptowngrowlab Inc.
11:00 Aug 18
[Extraction Summit] Processing Biomass in Today's Small-Batch Market While Preparing for Nationwide & Global Expansion
Oasis 4 (Entrance in Back of Expo Hall) Murphy Murri | Extraction Specialist & Cannabis Educator @ Sharpe Inc.
12:00 Aug 18
Expo Hall Time / Lunch in the Expo Hall
13:00 Aug 18
Under the Microscope of Compliance: Transition into the Regulated Cannabis Market & Keep Your Business Compliant in the Face of Constant Change
Room: Catalina Jennifer Germano | CEO @ ICS Consulting Service
13:00 Aug 18
The Science Behind Sustainable Cannabis Production: How It Can Help You Achieve Lower Capital & Operating Expenses
Room: Madera Todd Dalotto | President of Global Cannabis Division @ Organto Foods Inc.
13:00 Aug 18
Global Licensing for Cannabis Producers: Best Practices for Building a Brand & Moving Into New Markets
Room: Pasadena Alex Pasternack | Vice President of Business Development @ Binkse
13:00 Aug 18
Understanding Upcoming FDA Regulations: Patent & Protect Genetics on a Domestic & Global Level
Room: Sierra Peter Holzworth | Director of Cannabis Client Services @ Zuber Lawler
14:00 Aug 18
Panel Discussion: Understanding the 2018 Farm Bill & Your Rights
Room: Catalina Panel Catalina
14:00 Aug 18
Panel Discussion: Industry Outlook: The Future of Cannabis Production
Room: Madera Panel Madera
14:00 Aug 18
Panel Discussion: Breeding & Preserving Your Cannabis Genetics
Room: Pasadena Panel Pasadena
14:00 Aug 18
Panel Discussion: Ask a Commercial Cultivator
Room: Sierra Panel Sierra
14:00 Aug 18
[Extraction Summit] Panel Discussion: Your Extraction Questions Answered
Oasis 4 (Entrance in Back of Expo Hall) Panel Oasis
15:00 Aug 18
High Tea & Afternoon Keynote in the Expo Hall