CannaFarm Con San Diego

1404 Vacation Rd,
San Diego, CA, 92109, United States


Today’s cannabis farm environment is as complex as ever: Production costs continue to rise, with narrowing margins and flat growth. Master Growers are harder to come by and harder to keep. Outdoor growing seasons are less and less predictable. And there’s an influx of new cannabis agrotechnologies that have the indisputable power to drive your cannabis growth forward. How do you navigate the options? How do you adapt and keep pace? CANNAFARM CON is a breakthrough event assembling the entire specialty cannabis farming spectrum in one smart, connected space that’s focused on providing real solutions with proven success. Here, you’ll connect firsthand with cutting-edge industry leaders and forward thinkers offering tangible ideas and practical applications for all areas of cannabis agriculture—from pre-production to post-harvest. With two immersive days offering exclusive content and keynotes alongside vetted exhibits and interactive experiences, CANNAFARM CON has everything you need to lead your farm forward in one comprehensive, game-changing event.


10:15 Aug 1
CBD In A Chronic Pain Clinic And Opioid Reduction
J. JULIAN GROVE MD, The Physician’s Choice CBD
11:00 Aug 1
Molecular Methods For Increasing Crop Productivity
Kyle Boyar, Medicinal Genomics
11:45 Aug 1
Working With Labs To Maximize Efficiency And Quality
Dr. John Oram, NUG
12:45 Aug 1
Start With The Soil
Jon Frank, International Ag Labs
13:30 Aug 1
Tissue Culture Micropropagation Clean Plants
Michael J. Stevens, Meristematic Inc
14:15 Aug 1
Organic Agriculture And The Endocannabinoid System
James Schwartz, Cascade High
15:00 Aug 1
Data Driven Cannabis Research In Israel
Nadav Eyal, Eybna Technologies Ltd.
15:45 Aug 1
Filling The CEC Is Critical For Growing Succes
Michael LaBelle, plusMinerals, Inc.
16:30 Aug 1
Grow Low Yield High Intro To LED Technology
Jay Marshall, Thrive Agritech
10:15 Aug 1
Panel Room - Genes Are Still In Style Genetics And Breeding
11:15 Aug 1
Panel Room - Armies Of Doppelgangers Clone Propagation
12:30 Aug 1
Panel Room - The Agronomist Soil Science And Tissue Culture
13:30 Aug 1
Panel Room - How To Stay In Compliance As A California Canna Business
14:30 Aug 1
Panel Room - Dear Water We Are Sorry We Took You For Granted Water Management Irrigation And Hydroponics
15:30 Aug 1
Panel Room - The Boost You Have Needed Fertigation And Nutrient Applications
16:30 Aug 1
Panel Room - Back To Our Roots The Importance Of Organic Farming
10:15 Aug 2
The Lock And Key Understanding The Molecular Mechanism Of Action For Cannabinoids
JAKE BLACK, PHD Chief Scientific Officer
11:00 Aug 2
Tech And Data Trends In Hemp Commodities
Anthony Smith, PhD Evio Labs
11:45 Aug 2
Basic Cannabis Propagation And Plant Health
Bryant Jones, University of Minnesota
12:45 Aug 2
Clean Air The Growers Best Friend
Water Bond, Hydrophilic Products LLC
13:30 Aug 2
Matthew Gates Zenthanol Consulting
14:15 Aug 2
Integrated Pest Management Techniques
Matthew Gates Zenthanol Consulting
10:15 Aug 2
Panel Room - Master Decision-Maker: Farm, Crop, & Labor Management
11:15 Aug 2
Panel Room - RoboCrop: Instrumentation, Automation, & Farming Solutions
12:45 Aug 2
Panel Room - My, You've Grown: Post Harvest, Processing, & Supply Chain Logistics
13:45 Aug 2
Panel Room - The Ever Expanding Canopy: Scaling For Expansion
14:45 Aug 2
Panel Room - Even Outlaws Live By Codes: Learn To Regulate