CannaCon Oklahoma City

1 Myriad Gardens,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73102, United States


At COX Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK.

The largest industry event in the US, bringing together the those within the field to discuss latest industry developments, technology and consumer products, and the future marketplace. Join hundreds of exhibitors and over 12,000 attendees at the global marketplace for education, innovative products, and businesses serving the cannabis industry.


10:30 Apr 18
Expanding Your Cannabis Business Internationally - Legal in Room 2
Tom Zuber, Zuber Lawler & Del Luca LLP
11:40 Apr 18
Medical Cannabis 102 - Room 1
Dr. Stanley Mills, 788technologies
11:40 Apr 18
Civics Class for Marijuana Businesses and Entrepreneurs: How to Comply with Current Regulations and What you can do to Change Future Regulations - Legal in Room 2
Dwight Clark, Vicente Sederberg LLC
13:30 Apr 18
Influencing the Endocannabinoid System With Non-Cannabis Plants - Room 1
Chip Paul, GnuPharma
13:30 Apr 18
Protecting Your Green: Utilizing Payroll, HR and Timekeeping to Your Advantage - Room 2
Teresa Kearney, Panacea Payroll
14:40 Apr 18
Maximizing Deductions for Your Budding Business: Proper Accounting & Recordkeeping - Room 2
Sandy Suchoff, The Canna CPAs
14:40 Apr 18
The 5 W’s of Cannabis Analytical Testing in an Unregulated Market - Room 1
Dr. Kyle Felling, F.A.S.T. Laboratories
15:50 Apr 18
Consuming Cannabis Based on Terpenes - Room 1
Ben Cassiday, True Terpenes
15:50 Apr 18
Is Your Website Working for You? Assessing Your Website’s Usability - Room 2
Seth Worby, Cannabis Creative Group
15:50 Apr 18
Oklahoma’s Regulatory Landscape–Past, Present, and Future - Room 2
Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish
22:30 Apr 18
Helping the Cannabis Industry Grow the Right Way: The Importance of Testing to Legitimize our Industry - Room 1
Ian Cameron, Scissortail Laboratory, LLC
10:30 Apr 19
Maximizing ROI with The Latest in Horticulture Technology - Room 1
Adam Wolf, California LightWorks
10:30 Apr 19
Leveraging Marketing to Target Potential Consumers - Room 2
Tony Vann, Brownie Mary & Jane
11:40 Apr 19
Utilizing Microbes with Precision to Enhance Cannabis Productivity - Room 1
Colin Bell, PhD, Mammoth Microbes
13:30 Apr 19
Efficiency and Precision: Temperature and Humidty Control in Grow Rooms - Room 1
Conor Guckian, Accelerated Growth Solutions
13:30 Apr 19
How To Market Your Dispensary On Social Media - Room 2
Corey Hunt, Ounce Magazine
14:40 Apr 19
Everything you ever wanted to know about feminized seeds… but were too afraid to ask - Room 2
Rick Campanella; Mr. Soul, Cannabis Breeder