Cannabis Science Conference East

One West Pratt Street,
Baltimore, MD, 21201, United States


Baltimore, MD Cannabis Science Conference is the world's largest and most technical cannabis science expo. Our conference pulls together cannabis industry experts, instrument manufacturers, testing labs, research scientists, medical practitioners, policy makers and interested novices. Our semi-annual event is aimed at improving cannabis science.


08:00 Apr 8
Canna Boot Camp
Evermore Cannabis Company
07:30 Apr 9
Registration Hours
09:00 Apr 9
Welcome Address
Brian Lopez, Chairman, Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission
09:20 Apr 9
Cannabis Regulatory Testing Panel
Lori Dodson, MS, MT(ASCP), Deputy Director, Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, Heather Krug, State Marijuana Laboratory Sciences Program Manager, Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, Debby Miran
09:30 Apr 9
Keynote Address: A Pediatric Patients Fight For Medicine
Miss Rylie Maedler, Founder, Rylie’s Smile Foundation/Rylie’s Sunshine
09:30 Apr 9
Keynote Address: From Nucleosynthesis to Photsynthesis: The Photon's Journey
Jacklyn Green
10:00 Apr 9
International Cannabis Patient Registry: Driving Innovation by Filling Knowledge Gaps About Real World Use of Medical Cannabis
Dr. Sue Sisley
10:00 Apr 9
Keynote Address: Towards More Sustainable Cultivation Practices
Roger Kern
10:30 Apr 9
A Pharmacists Journey from Cannabis Skeptic to Advocate
Paul Mavor
10:30 Apr 9
GC×GC for Improved Data Quality in Profiling Cannabis Terpenes
Dr. Matthew Edwards, Business Development, Americas, SepSolve Analytical
10:30 Apr 9
Lighting Systems for Maximum Health and Yield
Alison Justice PhD, VP of Cultivation, Outco
10:50 Apr 9
Harmonizing The Need for Cannabinoid Nutrition and Medicine with Archaic Laws and Irrational Fears to Advance Cannabis Legalization
Ms. Scheril Murray Powell Esq., President, Green Sustainable Strong, LLC
10:50 Apr 9
Why Lab Testing Matters from a Physician’s Perspective
Dr. Andrew Rosenstein, CEO, Steep Hill Labs
11:20 Apr 9
BREAK - Posters in Exhibit Hall
13:00 Apr 9
Cannabis for Pain Management and Opiate Use Reduction
Jordan Tishler
13:00 Apr 9
Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Pesticide Analysis of Cannabis Samples with LC/MS to Ensure Patient Safety
Dr. Toby Astill, Sr. Business Manager for Cannabis & Hemp Markets, PerkinElmer, Inc.
13:00 Apr 9
Which Grow Lights Should You Use?
Mr. David Kessler, VP of Horticulture, TriGrow
13:30 Apr 9
A Cannabinoid Primer for Medical Professionals: Dosing, Prescriptions and Everyday Use
Dr. Theodore Search, Medical Advisory Board Member, Gofire
13:30 Apr 9
Avoiding Mass Confusion During Cannabis Analysis
Dr. Bob Clifford, General Manager, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
14:00 Apr 9
Medical Cannabis for Older Adults: Clinical Strategies for Treating Geriatric Conditions, Preventing Disease, and Promoting Health
Dr. Dustin Sulak
14:00 Apr 9
Multi-Dimensional On-Line Sample Preparation and LC/MS/MS Bioanalytical Determination of Tetrahydrocannabinol and its two main metabolites in Human Dried Plasma Spots
Dr. Jack Henion, CSO, Advion, Inc
14:00 Apr 9
Lighting Optimization for Plant Growth for Greenhouses
Melanie Yelton PhD, Vice President, Research, LumiGrow Inc.
14:30 Apr 9
14:40 Apr 9
Plenary Address Tuesday
Abby Epstein, Ricki Lake
15:30 Apr 9
BREAK - Posters in Exhibit Hall
16:00 Apr 9
Cannabis Nurses Network: Leading a Revolution in HealTHCare
Ken Sobel Esq, Legal Counsel, Cannabis Nurses Network, Jessie Gill, Member, Cannabis Nurses Network, Nurse Heather Manus RN, Founding Member, Cannabis Nurses Network, Nique Pichette, Founding Member, Cannabis Nurses Network
16:00 Apr 9
In Situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy for In-Line Distillation Process Monitoring
Jonathan Bunn, Senior Researcher, ArometriX, Dr. Christopher Metting, CTO, ArometriX
16:30 Apr 9
Multi phase CO2 Extraction: An Award Winning Method
Mr. Randy Reed, President, Olala Brands
16:30 Apr 9
Understanding Micropropagation
Hope Jones, Founder & CEO, Emergent Cannabis Sciences
07:30 Apr 10
Registration Hours
09:00 Apr 10
Understanding Medical Cannabis Uses: Strain Alignment
Chanda Macias
09:00 Apr 10
Keynote Address: Hemp Institute Morgan State University
Willie May, Morgan State University
09:30 Apr 10
Keynote Address: Cannabinoid Treatment for Children
Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Medical Director, Canna-Centers Wellness & Education
09:30 Apr 10
Keynote Address: Designing with Purpose
Autumn Karcey
09:50 Apr 10
Challenges and Opportunities Towards Revitalization of Industrial Hemp-- Scientific Perspectives
Dr. Jiangnan Peng, Assistant Professor, Morgan State University
10:00 Apr 10
Sweating the Small Stuff: Impact of Transpiration Rates on Profitability
Laura Breit, Professional Mechanical Engineer and Managing Principal, Root Engineers
10:10 Apr 10
Pediatric Cannabis Panel
Tracy Ryan, Moriah Barnhart Sebastien Cotte, National Education Director/Board Member, Flowering Hope Foundation, Janie Maedler, President, Rylie's Smile Foundation/Rylie's Sunshine, Mrs. Gail Rand, CFO & Patient Advocate, ForwardGro
10:10 Apr 10
Automated Nucleic Acid Purification Offers Process Improvements and High DNA Yields for the Cannabis Industry
Mark Bratz, Applications Scientist, Promega Corporation
10:30 Apr 10
Cannabis Microbiome Sequencing: Implications for Cannabis Safety Testing
Kyle Boyar, Field Applications Scientist, Medicinal Genomics
10:30 Apr 10
HVAC Optimization for Cultivation
Mike Finley
10:50 Apr 10
Same Patients, Same Problems, New Options, New Outcomes
Dr. Mary Pat Hoffman, Clinical Director, Peninsula Alternative Health
10:50 Apr 10
Draft Map of the Cannabis Proteome
Dr. Ben Osburn, Chief Scientific Officer, Think20 Laboratories
11:20 Apr 10
BREAK - Posters in Exhibit Hall
13:00 Apr 10
Cannabis Therapy in Veterinary Medicine
Mr. Stephen Cital RVT, SRA, RLAT, VCCS, VTS-(Res. Anesthesia), Veterinary Cannabis Counselor, Veterinary Cannabis Academy
13:00 Apr 10
Modern Quality Management Systems for the Cannabis Industry
Mr. Wayne Nasby, Founder & CEO, Global Compliance Specialty Group
13:00 Apr 10
TEAMING WITH MICROBES: Use the Soil Food Web to Grow Organically
Mr. Jeff Lowenfels, LORD OF THE ROOTS, Teaming With Microbes Series
13:30 Apr 10
Automating Cannabis Testing with LIMS
Dr. Christine Paszko Ph.D., Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Daniel Woodall, President, High Tide Lab Company
13:30 Apr 10
The Use of Microbiological Inoculants, as an Integrated Pest Management Tool, Within Indoor Cannabis Production Systems.
James Rushing, CEO, White Coat Services
14:00 Apr 10
Therapeutic Cannabinoids in Anxiety and Depression: Results from an Observational Research Study
Ms. Erin Martin, Research Program Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
14:00 Apr 10
Software Automation Strategies for High-Throughput GC/LC Analysis
Mr. Jim Edwards, EVP Product Management, Indigo BioAutomation
14:00 Apr 10
Maximize Yield , Potency , Theraputic Value ....Decoding Biological Chatter in the Garden
Amazon John Easterling, Plant Medicine Specialist, Happy Tree Microbes
14:30 Apr 10
14:40 Apr 10
Plenary Address: Real Cannabis Reform is Within Reach
Montel Williams
15:30 Apr 10
BREAK - Posters in Exhibit Hall
16:00 Apr 10
Veterans Panel Disussion
Robert Kowalski, Kim Petters, Executive Director, Delcanna JW, Rone Rone, Director, Vet Arts Connect, The Institute for Integrative Health, Mr. Eryck Stamper, Founder, Veterans Initiative 22
16:00 Apr 10
Athletes For Cannabis Panel
Riley Cote, Marvin Washington
16:00 Apr 10
The Cannabis Strain Conundrum: No One Knows Exactly What They are Cultivating or Selling
David Hodes, Managing Editor, Cannabis Science and Technology
16:30 Apr 10
Cannabis – The Need to Breed
Dr. Oori Weisshaus, Genomic Solutions Specialist, NRGene