8th CannaGrow Expo - Virtual Edition

8101 E. Prentice Ave.,
Greenwood Village, CO, 80111, United States


The CannaGrow Virtual Edition Lobby will feature access to top companies serving growers and extractors in the interactive exhibit hall, a community chat room, and access to the 20+ session educational agenda. The CannaGrow Virtual Edition Expo Hall will allow you to connect directly with representatives from vendor companies, find new products and services, experience demos, earn rewards for visiting booths, and much more!


09:00 Mar 6
Breeding Cannabis for Therapeutic Benefit: Unlocking the Healing Potential of the Cannabis Plant
Adam Jacques
09:00 Mar 6
Keeping Plants Perfectly Healthy from Clone to Harvest: Balancing Light, pH, Nutrients, Water, Temperature & Air Quality in Your Facility
Jennifer Martin
09:00 Mar 6
IP Protection for Novel Cannabis & Hemp Cultivars: Analysis of 4 Major Types of IP Available for Novel Plant Cultivars & How They Apply to Cannabis & Hemp
Travis Bliss, Ph.D., JD
09:00 Mar 4
Safety, Science, and the Future of Cannabis Testing
Zacariah Hildenbrand
09:00 Mar 6
Sustainable Cannabis Production: How It Can Help You Achieve Lower Capital & Operating Expenses
Todd Dalotto
21:00 Mar 4
Scaling Extraction: Processing Biomass in Today's Small Batch Market While Preparing for Nationwide & Global Expansion
Murphy Murri
09:00 Mar 6
Fundamentals of Cannabis Cultivation: How to Achieve Success in the Indoor Garden
Jay Kitchen
21:00 Mar 4
The Great Brand Race: How to Create a Winning Brand in the Growing & Unpredictable Cannabis Industry
Jared Mirsky
09:00 Mar 4
More than Nutrients: Making the Most of Organic Inputs
Brian Gardener, Ph.D.
09:00 Mar 4
Under the Microscope of Compliance: A Guide to Transitioning into Regulated Cannabis Production
Jennifer Germano
21:00 Mar 6
The Science of Lighting Your Grow: Basic Lighting Principles & Tips for Maximizing Yield & Quality
Eric Harrington
21:00 Mar 6
Staying Competitive in Extraction: Designing for Scale & GMP Certification
Dan Gustafik
09:00 Mar 6
The Game of Clones: Effective Cannabis Cloning Techniques for Personal & Professional Growers
Christian West
21:00 Mar 6
Crop Scouting for the Commercial Cannabis Cultivator: Tools & Techniques for Staying Ahead of Pest Issues
Briggs Lipsitz
21:00 Mar 6
The Science Behind the Numbers: Exploring Gas Chromatography Analysis of Cannabinoids & Terpenes
Allegra Leghissa
09:00 Mar 6
Exploring Tools for Regulatory Compliance in The Shifting Sands of the Cannabis Industry
Ezra Pryor
09:00 Mar 6
The Soul of Soil: Dive Deep into the Soil Food Web
Rachael Carlevale
09:00 Mar 6
The Intersection of Agriculture, Ecology & Economy in Organic Cannabis Production
Dr. Robert Faust
09:00 Mar 6
Post-Harvest 2018: Structuring Deals When Establishing Distribution Networks
Preston Gardner
09:00 Mar 6
Alfalfa to Sundews: Learn About the Myriad of Companion Plants for Your Cannabis Garden
Ellen Brown
09:00 Mar 6
Growing with the King from Seed to Garden
Crop King Seeds Team