6th CBOutlook Conference

2044 E Evans Ave,
University of Denver, Pritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management,
Denver, CO, 80210, United States


The 6th national conference welcomes 30 leading cannabis and hemp experts, executives and analysts to Denver. As the multi-billion dollar legal ​markets head to ultimate legalization, the entire sector moves to the next financial level. CBD innovation and market growth now see 4.5 million regular users, even as projections for 2020 expect sales passing $1.6Billion. See you August 14-16 in Denver.


11:30 Aug 14
Hosted Buffet Luncheon, Welcome Keynote
12:45 Aug 14
The Half-Time Crop Report -- US Planting and Harvest Projections -- Vote Hemp/USDA/State AG
13:45 Aug 14
Conference Video
CNBC's Jim Kramer
14:00 Apr 14
Executive Insights: The Case for Global Market 8
15:45 Aug 14
Legal and Regulatory Panel
Hemp Roundtable, Garrett Graff, Shawn Hauser, Frank Robison
16:30 Aug 14
Data-Statz Lead CBD Research -- University & Lab Studies Fairfield Inn -- Welcome Reception
08:30 Aug 15
Top CBD Sellers - A Universe of Products-: Pets, Skin Beauty, Pain Cremes and Human Ingestibles
Larisa Bolivar, Bolivar Hemp
09:30 Aug 15
The Route to Banking and Financial Access
Sundie Seefried and Katrina Skinner, Partners Credit Union- SafeHarbor Banking Systems
10:30 Aug 15
Agricultural Marketing Service
Bill Richmond US Dept of Ag
11:15 Aug 15
Assessing State Hemp Plans and 2019 Farming UpDate
Panelists from HempQuest (Native Hemp) VOTE HEMP & Loveland Molecular
12:15 Aug 15
14:00 Aug 15
Perfect Products-- FDA Testing, Labeling and Safe Sourcing US Hemp Authority - Hoban Law Group -Past FDA Commissioner
15:15 Aug 15
Pathways to CBD Access: Pick Your Lane
speakers from Socati Corp. GW BioSciences-GW Pharma -- VALIDCARE & Synthetic CBD in Lab (Cronos)
16:15 Aug 15
The New Math for Hemp Investors: $1Billion In=$3Billion Market Value Out
Vicente Sederberg, Robison Law, PowerPlant
17:15 Aug 15
CBD Innovation: Brands, SKU's and IP
19:30 Aug 15
CBOutLook AfterParty
20:00 Aug 15
Awards - Fun, Food & Dancing
07:45 Aug 16
Breakfast Served
08:30 Aug 16
UnLocking Financial Values- Roundtable Discussion
09:30 Aug 16
Keys to Valuation Enhancement: What Buyers Want
10:30 Aug 16
Due Diligence and Post IRS 280e ProForma - Accounting American Herb Products Assn.: CBD/Dietary Supplement Congress