Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions conference (IAES conference)


The IAES Conference is a key touchstone in shaping the future of energy policies and utility programs for controlled environment agriculture, drawing from the lessons of early models emerging in cannabis cultivation and extending to the rapidly scaling greenhouse and vertical farming sectors cropping up in rural, suburban and urban regions.


IAES will provide high-value knowledge transfer to get you immediately up the learning curve by connecting in one place at a critical moment in time with the experts and pioneers throughout North America. This is the place to be involved in the discussion on how to address the energy and carbon implications of our agriculture future.


San Diego Marriott ,
La Jolla, CA, United States

From Seed to Weed: Cannabis Growing 101


Are you ready to learn how to grow your own cannabis plant? Excited about the new recreational cannabis laws but not sure where to start?


Verdant GR is your answer. In this introductory class, you will learn all about the lifecycle of the cannabis plant. We’ll cover how to get started with a new plant, whether indoor or outdoor, basic cultivation concerns and techniques, and, of course, the eventual harvest. You'll leave here with the knowledge of how to grow and a clone of your own.


Get your tickets now! Class space is limited!


1427 Robinson Road Southeast ,
Grand Rapids, MI, 49506, United States